Yotta Energy Partners With EcoBuild on Multiple Commercial Solar + Storage Projects in Louisiana

With a return on investment of fewer than five years, the first installation of more than 12 projects includes an 87 kW solar and storage system to offset 100 percent of energy usage and power three electric vehicle chargers.

As Louisiana looks to solar and energy storage to increase its resiliency to power outages caused by hurricanes and other extreme weather events, Yotta Energy is partnering with Louisiana-based commercial solar installer EcoBuild. The companies are teaming up to provide distributed energy resources for both new and retrofitted energy storage solutions throughout the region. With more than 12 projects in the pipeline at locations such as car dealerships, grocery stores, and hotels, EcoBuild and Yotta are looking to give businesses greater control over their energy costs year round, especially during critical grid failures.

"Yotta Energy has been a great partner in helping us scale our market. We are excited about the ease of deployment of Yotta's solution," said Richard Carroll, co-owner of EcoBuild.

The first installation for the partnership is for one of the nation's top roofing companies, Premier South, at its headquarters in Baton Rouge. The building, which houses much of the company's staff and commercial roofing operations, is now home to a rooftop solar + storage system consisting of solar panels, energy storage, and a 125 kW generator that will establish the microgrid during an outage. In addition, EcoBuild is installing three electric vehicle (EV) chargers to refuel Premier's future 30-vehicle fleet. Some of the vehicles included are Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Trucks and GMC Hummer EV Pickups. The system is expected to provide 100 percent of the building's power loads, including the energy needed for EV charging. After installation, Premier South can expect to see a payback of less than five years.

"When disaster strikes, keeping our lights on and roofing services active is imperative," said R.J. McGimsey, of Premier South. "This solar plus storage installation is a worthwhile investment that will save us on energy costs year round and allow us to electrify our vehicle fleet, without the expense of an extensive battery system located apart from the building."

Yotta's PV-Coupled architecture solution, the Yotta SolarLeaf™, is a fully integrated energy storage device that fits neatly behind each photovoltaic (PV) panel in a solar array. The solution is easy to deploy for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and peak energy shaving, allowing customers to realize energy savings and achieve grid independence. The device enables a distributed and scalable format while maximizing the life and performance of the battery under extreme weather conditions due to its thermal regulation technology.

With reports indicating that storms are getting more powerful because of warmer weather, many states in tropical zones are looking to alternative solutions to provide power. The Yotta Energy storage system is designed to meet strict wind requirements.

"Being from the Baton Rouge area, I have strong ties to the communities that are frequently dealing with life-altering weather events," said Yotta CEO, Omeed Badkoobeh. "We are excited to work with EcoBuild on deploying this technology as the state rebuilds. We expect the resiliency and cost savings from distributed energy resources will drive adoption and eventually move us away from antiquated energy sources."

Yotta, EcoBuild, and Premier South will host a kickoff event for the project on September 30th.

About Yotta Energy
Yotta Energy (Yotta) is a renewable energy storage company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Yotta has developed unique PV-Coupled™ architecture, a smart energy storage solution designed to scale with rooftop solar PV projects effortlessly. At about the size of a briefcase, Yotta's patented panel-level energy storage solution can fit under any industry standard solar module, neatly integrating with the solar racking array. Yotta's technology features advanced thermal management to maintain an optimal working temperature even under extreme outdoor conditions. As an integrated software plus hardware solution, Yotta also helps address grid outages by enhancing grid resilience and reliability. Yotta's technology allows for a much lower total installation cost for rooftop solar-plus-storage than any other current energy storage system available today. Learn more at http://www.yottaenergy.com.

About EcoBuild
EcoBuild LLC (EcoBuild) is a leading developer in the Gulf South Region specializing in upgrading commercial buildings with turnkey renewable solutions such as solar photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and energy storage. The EcoBuild leadership team has decades of experience in commercial project development and construction. EcoBuild is helping businesses take advantage of Federal and State energy policies and programs with the goal of growing the renewable energy industry and making an impactful difference to their customers' operational bottomline. Learn more at http://www.ecobuildus.com.

About Premier South Roofing & Sheet Metal
Premier South Roofing & Sheet Metal (Premier South) is one of the top roofing installation companies in the nation. Premier South is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has provided comprehensive roofing services for residential and commercial clients since 2007. The Premier South team installs, repairs, and replaces any type of roof on residential and commercial establishments. They also do awning installation, gutter installation, and roof cleaning services. Learn more at http://www.PremierSouthLA.com.

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