Russian EV-chargers are promised to be rolled out in Spain in 2022

Russian-American EV-chargers manufacturer L-Charge said it plans to start commercial operation in Spanish Barcelona and Madrid later in April 2022 after successfully presenting its mobile EV charging solution last week.

L-Charge is a Russian-American EV charger manufacturer, providing rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers powered by clean fuels like hydrogen or LNG. The company has already came into negotiations with Fundacion Nacional de Movilidad Electrica for further cooperation and was highly praised by Spanish solar power generation companies.

"While renewables like wind and solar are developing rapidly in many European countries, we started looking at hydrogen to store energy and as a feedstock to decarbonise carbon-intensive activities. L-Charge's solution, in this context, has a good chance to be of use here, as it allows it to store, distribute hydrogen and reconvert it to electric power for EVs or on-site use anywhere else", - said Paul Wakefield, Younergy's CEO.

Chris Burghardt, managing director of ChargePoint Europe sais building and linked-to-grids charging infrastructure for EVs might require something between 60 and €100 billion investments a year in the coming 10 years in Europe alone. Which seems to be quite a heavy duty considering the postpandemic uncertainty in global economy. However, there could be a solution in developing off-the-grid infrastructure powered by natural gas.

L-Charge offers to develop a virtual grid of mobile and stationary mini power plants using natural gas to generate power for EVs. That could ease the pressure on the energy grid while securing the development of the EV market.

"An essential problem still separates us from the massive transition to EV - the underdeveloped charging infrastructure. It is possible to solve this problem quickly by deploying an off-grid network of charging stations", - says Dmitry Lashin, CEO of L-Charge.

Designed for highways, gas stations, and parking lots, L-Charge's stationary charger does not require any staff or connection to an external power grid. Chargers run on an internal supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) or LNG/H2 mixture. 600 kW power generators are the core of the L-Charge stationary mini-power station for fast charging of EV.

The L-Charge team notes their devices emit 7.05kg of CO2 per 100km of charge power, 68% less than diesel vehicles.

L-Charge plans to roll out its EV charging stations in Spain starting April 2022. The service has already been in operation in Moscow and will come into full operation in Abu Dhabi by the end of 2021.

About L-Charge:

L-Charge is Russian-American EV charger manufacturer, providing rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers powered by clean fuels. Innovative EV charger offered in two variants - stationary and mobile. The stationary version can be installed in any location - supermarkets, hotels, roads, traditional petrol stations, etc. The mobile version is an on-wheel unit that can move around a city and charge EVs. In July, the first mobile EV charger by L-Charge starts to patrol Moscow city streets, providing on-demand charging service to electric vehicles. Nearest plans to build 4-5 EV charging units to launch them as a mobile charger in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and London.

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