Aurora, the new accelerator program for cleantech projects to fight climate change

This new accelerator program, created by Soltec, was developped to create an ecosystem of companies whose technology is focused on promoting the renewable energy plants of the future

Madrid, November 10, 2021.- Soltec, a leading company in PV solar tracking technology, launches Aurora, the new accelerator with which the company seeks to promote innovative projects that fight climate change through renewable energies.

This initiative was born with the aim of creating a global ecosystem of companies whose technology is focused on promoting the renewable energy plants of the future in fields such as green hydrogen, energy storage, smart grids or new structural materials for power plants and their recycling, among other projects. All this will be carried out through tools such as blockchain, cybersecurity, big data, machine learning, IoT and digital manufacturing.

Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec, explained: "Innovation is part of Soltec's DNA, and therefore, through Aurora we want to help those companies that have great potential to develop and grow. With the launch of this new accelerator, we are looking for projects with a global focus, aligned with the cleantech sector and committed to society and the environment. At Aurora we welcome projects led by entrepreneurs who want to execute change through renewable energy and who have developed technology suitable to real power plants around the world".

Aurora will offer the projects that are part of this initiative the sponsorship and financing needed to boost their business; as well as the support of Soltec, which will provide all its infrastructure and resources as a commercial and technological partner, in addition to offering training and corporate mentoring. Aurora will also make available to the companies a co-working space to do networking.

To join Aurora, access the following link and submit your project:

About Soltec

Soltec is a leading integrated solar PV solutions company focused on solar tracking systems with a strong commitment to innovation.

Headquartered in Murcia (Spain), the company started its career in 2004 and has a diversified geographic presence focused on Spain, North America and Latin America. It currently operates in 16 countries and employs over 1,207 people. Ever since its creation and until the third quarter of 2021, Soltec has supplied solar trackers for projects amounting to 10.2 GW of installed capacity. The company is listed on Spain's Stock Exchange since October 28th, 2020 under the ticker ‘SOL'.

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