TGG extends asset monitoring and dispatch to battery storage for Conrad Energy

TGG Solutions, the partner of choice to flexible power asset owners for asset monitoring and dispatch, has successfully completed a project with Conrad Energy to apply its flagship iON platform to a 40MW battery storage asset for the first time.

Located in Bedfordshire, and rated at 40MW, Conrad Energy's project is the first of many planned battery storage assets in its portfolio and marks the first time the iON platform has been used for non-thermal generation assets. Chosen for its flexibility, TGG's iON solution offered Conrad Energy the right mix of efficiency while still retaining the value of being hands on with trading optimisation.

Developed primarily for small-scale thermal generation including gas peaker plants, iON is a unique asset monitoring and dispatch solution that empowers asset owners without requiring that they relinquish any control over trading functions or install equipment on-site. Built with flexibility in mind, it is perfectly suited for operating the next generation of dispatchable energy assets, such as battery storage, that will enable the energy transition.

Steve Moody, Head of Trading at Conrad Energy, comments: "We opted to use iON in the first place due to its flexibility - too many other systems try to take trading optimisation of your hands in the name of efficiency, but for us that would be giving up a major source of value. When we expanded our portfolio to include battery storage, it was natural for us to want to bring the assets onto the platform. The TGG team was more than happy to help and adapting the platform was a smooth process."

With the functionality now built into the platform, TGG is already in discussions for onboarding more battery storage assets onto the iON platform in the near future.

Chris Cody, CEO and co-founder, TGG Solutions, comments: "We were never concerned about iON's suitability for the next generation of dispatchable energy assets, but this is an important milestone for us nonetheless. Our company was born in the early days of the energy transition, providing the tech for companies supporting the shift to renewables through balancing provision. In that sense, we have always been on an energy transition trajectory, and this feels like a natural step."

Rhys Kirk, COO and co-founder, TGG Solutions, adds: "We firmly believe the sector needs a tech option that doesn't try and take away control in the name of simplicity. As new and nuanced different kinds of distributed energy resources proliferate, the most successful businesses will be those that find a way to compete in the details, so giving up control can mean giving up a precious source of margin. Conrad Energy understands this, and we've had a rich working relationship as a result. We look forward to supporting them with whatever comes next as they help to balance the grid."

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