Ocean Grazer solves the world’s energy storage problem

Ocean Grazer offers a brilliant yet simple solution, based on existing technology, enhancing marine life along the way. Introducing: the Dutch engineers who solved one of the biggest hurdles towards a sustainable future.

At CES 2022, Ocean Grazer launches their CES Innovation

Award winning solution Ocean Battery. With this system the Dutch Water Engineers
will fundamentally change the sustainable energy landscape. No one has resolved
the global energy storage problem in a scalable, reliable, and affordable the way -
up till now! Ocean Grazer offers a brilliant yet simple solution, based on existing
technology, enhancing marine life along the way. Introducing: the Dutch engineers
who solved one of the biggest hurdles towards a sustainable future.

The Ocean Battery is an energy storage solution for offshore wind farms installed at the
seabed at the source of power generation. It provides utilities storage capacity that is infinitly
scalable to Giga Watt hours scale. It is efficient, has low maintenance costs and is designed
with a sustainable planet in mind and enhances marine life.
High tech without rocket science
The Ocean Battery is the iPhone van de e-industrie: it is based on smart integration of proven
high-tech solutions. The production of the Ocean Battery does not require any rocket science
and the production can be scaled up today.
Intermittent power production
The transition towards renewable power generation is huge challenge. Power production
soon will be dictated by the weather conditions and no longer will be available on demand.
Peaks in renewable power production is resulting already in negative energy prices and
potentially even blackouts. To ensure that the lights remain on large scale energy buffering is
essential. The fast-growing offshore wind power production results in an exponential demand
for large scale energy storage that soon exceeds 200 B$. Ocean Grazer steps into this
opportunity and delivers the solution the utility market is already waiting for a long time.

Great opportunity
The Ocean Battery is a Breakthrough solution based on proprietary Key Enabling Technology
to solve the huge challenge of Balancing Supply & Demand for the global e-Power industry.
The patented technology transforms this huge challenge into an unrivalled business
opportunity. At the same time Ocean Battery resolves a societal challenge to provide access
to renewable power generation without destabilizing the power grid and meet our climate
goals. The Dutch Water engineers resolved this problem in a brilliant yet simple way with a
tremendous amount of creativity, innovation power and Dutch entrepreneurship.
Worthy investments
One of the key success factors is that the Ocean Battery significantly reduces the CapEX of
offshore power generation with a ROI of 8 - 10 years resulting in a very attractive NPV of such
projects. The major offshore wind developers already have shown interest to partner up with
Ocean Grazer and jointly develop offshore wind projects.
Meet Ocean Grazer
During CES Ocean Grazer welcomes utilities, investors and offshore wind developers to take
our unique concept to the next level and jointly accelerate the energy transition. The timing
could not be better: the harbor in 2022 showed that the system meets if specifications and is
very efficient. The first commercial demonstrators are currently under development where
the ocean battery will stabilize the power system and provides blackstart power whenever a
blackout occurs.
Growth Potential
The average development time of an offshore wind farm takes about 5 to 10 years. Without
the implementation of an Ocean Battery, they will be dated before they are connected to the
power grid. Scaling-up the offshore wind power generation from 60 GW today towards 1200
GW in 2050 is a huge challenge for the utility industry. The "Ocean Battery" transforms these
challenges into opportunities. The angel investor has the shares their visionary and
innovative mindset and welcomes the ambition of this startup. The market is ready for such a
breakthrough as the Ocean Battery and so are the engineers.
About Ocean Grazer
Ocean Grazer is a spin-off of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. These Dutch
Water Engineers have solved the global energy storage problem and currently develop the
first commercial demonstrator. The startup with unicorn potential is the only company that
provides a reliable, affordable and eco-friendly energy storage system that provides a flexible
and modular solution for offshore and inshore energy storage at Giga Watt hour scale.
Working principle
Ocean Battery is based on hydro dam technology that can be deployed at the source of
power generation. Excess wind power is routed towards the Ocean Battery that pumps water
from its underground reservoirs into the flexible bladders installed at the seabed. Whenever
there is a demand for power water is routed through hydro turbines to generate electricity
back into the underground reservoirs.
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