Why Supply Chain Resilience Is Key To Post Pandemic Recovery

If you're wondering about pandemic recovery options, then this is the place to be. Read on as we talk more about crucial lessons on long-term business resilience.

It is without a doubt that the pandemic has turned our lives upside-down. There is no going back, but there are certainly ways we can ensure that our post-pandemic recovery is done correctly. Truly, the world has shown some resilience in handling the pandemic. It is important to remember that we must stand together to ensure a more inclusive and sustainable growth.

The importance of post-pandemic recovery

We should think about what our lives will be like after the pandemic. You need to explore several things, including how the global pandemic has reshaped supply chains and sectorial activity. As mentioned, there is no going back, so we must look forward. If you're wondering where to look in terms of recovery options, then this is the place to be. Read on as we talk more about crucial lessons on long-term business resilience.

What are procurement consultancy services?

strategic procurement solutions will include strategies implemented by the entire organization, which will then aim to ensure the timely supply of both services and goods. This will then be aligned with the business' organizational goals considering the efforts needed to minimize risk within the supply chain.

Why are procurement consultancy services important to post-pandemic recovery?

As you know, strategic procurement solutions are all about your ability to stay resilient long-term. Procurement consultancy services are the cherry on top of all of this. Here are 3 things you need to consider when thinking about post-pandemic recovery. These are the things procurement solutions can help you with.

A broader view of the resilience agenda

Both private and public sectors should take into account the importance of having a broader view of their resilience agenda. Supply chain disruptions are just one in many. It's also crucial to include issues like labor shortages, inflation, isolation and inequality, the rise of e-commerce, and so on. You'll need to look at long-term trends driven by several factors like societal developments, climate change, and geopolitical dynamics.

Taking into account flexibility and speed

Supply chain disruptions can be avoided if you can be flexible and learn that continuous research is crucial. Speed is critical, but you have to pair it with agility and adaptability. Take COVID-19, for example, as this has an ever-changing trajectory that you must be prepared for at all times.

Build it alongside societal resilience

Societal resistance is needed to intensify the conversation between the public and private sectors. By reducing the level of vulnerability of supply chains, you are actually increasing its resilience.

The Procurement Hive

Through strategic procurement solutions, you'll be able to achieve localized sourcing, better diversification of the supply base, and even an increased inventory placed in crucial locations. The Procurement Hive offers consultancy services as follows:

Free lite maturity assessment

Cost reduction

Assessment and benchmarking


Technology review

With benchmarking, you'll understand more about procurement capability and be able to benchmark against industry standards. This will then improve your performance and delivery. With transformation, you are continuously building your procurement capability. The Procurement Hive also offers services to develop your technology strategy and cost management.

Visit https://www.theprocurementhive.com/ or contact The Procurement Hive today via +44 (0)7828 148724 or +44 (0)7817 018520.

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