Dispatch Supplements B2B Carbon Reduction Efforts

Dispatch's last-mile delivery management platform optimizes vehicle usage, resulting in fuel, time and driver efficiency

Dispatch, the leading B2B last-mile delivery platform, is focusing on becoming the standard in final-mile delivery with sights set on overall optimization. With the goal of requiring fewer vehicles on the road as a result of delivering more efficiently and reducing the carbon footprint for its customers, Dispatch is replacing traditional courier services by offering on-demand services, delivery management, and integrations.

Software company Dispatch drives efficiency for its B2B customers, in addition to serving as a money-making generator for its network of independent drivers who deliver packages for businesses submitting delivery orders in the user-friendly Marketplace platform. With its leading platform that utilizes email matching and traffic condition analysis, Dispatch gets loads delivered to final destinations like construction sites as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

"We are growing to accommodate the needs of the final-mile delivery industry and providing capacity-building solutions for our B2B customers," said Dispatch CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Leone. "Dispatch customers include companies needing parts delivered to their job site to complete a repair, as well as companies that are using our software to optimize and create efficiencies in routing their vehicles."

Businesses are still seeking solutions for labor shortages in most career areas. To keep labor costs in check, many industrial companies are seeing benefits of keeping technicians, carpenters and other employees on the job site, instead of driving around town to locate, pick up and deliver supplies. Dispatch is helping companies increase overall productivity through route, time and productivity efficiency using the company's last-mile delivery platform that can assist in optimizing a company's own fleet or providing an outsourced fleet.

Currently operating in over 70 U.S. markets, Dispatch is empowering its customers to reduce reliance on expensive contract deliveries as well as reducing emissions by using smaller, more fuel-efficient delivery vehicles and utilizing its in-app route efficiency tools that help guide drivers to the correct destination faster.

For additional information, visit www.dispatchit.com.

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