V-Go Introduce New Electric Vehicle Chargers

Aiming to provide reliability on product and supply

London, UK 23rd November 2022 - V-Go Energy, a new brand by the well-established company, Verve Connect, who has already supplied multi-million-unit products to the UK networks, have announced the launch of their EV chargers and power storage solutions to the market.

With design, intelligent control and smart features, V-Go is introducing its alternating current EV charger range of 7kW and 22kW for residential, workplace and destination customer segment. The company has also developed the direct current charger range from 20kW to up to 180kW for the fleet charging segment which will be available mid-year in 2023.
With internet connection enabled by the build-in communication modules as well as the embedded OCPP protocol, the products can be integrated with third party applications to enable smart on charge scheduling, power supply metering management etc, alternatively they can be used as a standalone charger supported via V-Go's solutions. In addition, our chargers are designed to support V-Go's RFID based offline payment system or to integrate our partner's application to support the business owners' energy management considerations.
Further to the traditional safety features, V-Go EV chargers come with PEN fault protection that is designed to help reducing the cost of installation without comprising the safety. Our unique modern design is functional and robust with a strong metal casing, attractive composite acrylic facia with back light display.
Looking to the future, leveraging on our engineering resource and local partnership, we will also intend to partner with a limited number of companies for the development of integrated and centralised charging solutions to ensure optimised charging experience for the vehicle, power distribution and electric supply companies.
Additionally, V-Go provides power storage solutions including invertor and solar panels.
Chris Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer from Verve Connect, commented: "Our company strives to provide reliable and sustainable products to the market. In addition to our already very successful telecom business, we are now introducing our EV chargers and power storage solutions to the market, we are confident our product and local support will be equally strong and reliable".
V-Go will be showcasing their products at the London EV Show 29 November to 1 December 2022 at Excel located at Stand E49, interested partners are warmly welcome to visit the stand.

For more information on V-Go's products, please visit:

About V-Go:

Verve Connect is a UK company with its headquarters in London. Our executive team are based in the UK and China, enabling synchronized management from product planning, sales, and care in the UK/EU to its engineering, development, and production facilities in the Far East. Our sustainability portfolio is marketed under the ‘V-Go' brand for EV charging and power storage solutions. The ‘IMO' brand is used for our connectivity portfolio, which is well¬- established with multi-million units sold in the UK since 2016. We proactively support our local partners in providing solid products with state-of-the-art technology supported by high-quality supply chain management.
For more information about V-Go, please visit: www.verveconnect.co.uk.
Media enquiries for V-Go: sheila.wang@verveconnect.co.uk

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