S-5! Gives Back to the Local Community

Supporting SHIELD616 & Local First Responders

(Colorado Springs, Colorado, - Dec. 14, 2022) Solar roof mount provider S-5! provides protective gear for first responders through a donation to SHIELD616 on behalf of the S-5! charitable family foundation.

As part of S-5!'s ongoing pledge to support first responders at Black Forest Fire Rescue, Rob Haddock, S-5! CEO and founder presented a $5,000 check to Jake Skifstad, founder and president of SHIELD616, headquartered in Black Forest near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

SHIELD616 outfits first responders with protective gear - police, firefighters and EMS - and to date has outfitted more than 5,000 first responders in 32 states due to generous community members and businesses.

Skifstad is a retired police officer and served on the force for 14 years before establishing his non-profit organization. He witnessed firsthand the impact of not having appropriate gear when he lost his comrade during an active shooting involving a rifle in Colorado. Typical body armor worn by first responders is not designed to protect against rifles. Skifstad saw a need and subsequently founded SHIELD616 to provide nationwide protection for first responders.

"Being in situations like that, which are happening more and more these days, and having to go in knowing you are not protected is extremely difficult," said Skifstad. "At the end of the day, our goal is to go home from work and be with our families. Having these vests provides a much greater chance of survival."

"The need is incalculable, and we move with a sense of urgency," he continued. "It takes a community-wide effort to get this done, and S-5! stepped up to help in a big way. Just two years ago, S-5! donated as a corporate sponsor for our state-wide, 372-mile, 4-day, SHIELD616 Border-to-Border Ride beginning at the Wyoming/Colorado border and ending at the New Mexico/Colorado border. We are incredibly grateful for their support."

Haddock first established his charitable foundation in 2014 and contributes approximately $100,000 annually to a variety of non-profit, charitable organizations both locally and globally.

"Whether it is our corporate staff in Colorado or the folks in Texas at our manufacturing facility, giving back is important to all of us," said Haddock. "It is our duty; it's who we are; it is what we stand for. We are grateful for all that our first responders do and are more than happy to support SHIELD616."

About SHIELD616
Established in 2015, SHIELD616 was founded to provide all-day rifle protection to first responders who sacrificially serve our communities. Its mission is to protect our protectors. SHIELD616 is headquartered in Black Forest and depends on Black Forest Fire. For more information, visit www.shield616.org.

About S-5!
Founded by a veteran metal roof expert, S-5! has been the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions since 1992. S-5!'s zero-penetration clamps and lifetime brackets attach ancillary items to standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofs respectively, while maintaining roof integrity and warranties. Made in the U.S.A., S-5! patented technology is engineered for a variety of roof-mounted applications and is now installed on more than 2 million metal roofs worldwide, including 6 gigawatts of solar PV, providing strength and longevity never before seen. For more information, visit www.S-5.com.

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