SAE TIR J2954/2 Paves the Way for Heavy-Duty EV Charging Without a Plug & Static and Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer

SAE Publishes Update to SAE J2954 Light-Duty Wireless Power Transfer Standard and SAE J2954/2 Technical Information Report for HD EV Wireless Charging to 500kW

SAE International announces the publication of the first Technical Information Report (TIR) that specifies, in a single document, both electric vehicle (EV) and ground-system requirements for heavy-duty (HD) wireless charging of EVs. SAE TIR J2954/2 Wireless Power Transfer & Alignment for Heavy-Duty Applications paves the way for charging HD vehicles without the need for plugging in - widely considered to be a key enabler for accelerating the adoption of EVs and autonomous vehicles. This new guideline builds off the success of the first light-duty SAE J2954 standard published in 2020. The SAE TIR J2954/2 exponentially increases the power level of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for heavy-duty vehicles.

"Charging a heavy-duty EV should be as simple as parking in the right spot - the wireless charging SAE TIR J2954/2 Guideline makes it possible to do that automatically," stated Jesse Schneider, chair of the SAE Wireless Power Transfer Task Force (ZEV Station).

Power is transferred by creating a magnetic resonance field between the ground transmitting assembly and a vehicle assembly fitted on the underbody of a HD vehicle. The energy crosses an air gap (the ground clearance between the pads) and is then converted from AC into DC on the vehicle to charge the vehicle batteries.

The technology is a safe and efficient method for transferring power from the AC grid supply to the HD EV. Field trials using a 10-in. (250-mm) ground clearance has shown that WPT systems operate at grid-to-battery efficiencies of 92+%. WPT with additional alignment elements in SAE J2954/2 also offers the potential to fulfill charging requirements for autonomous EVs to charge themselves without human interaction.

"The SAE TIR J2954/2 is a game-changer guideline enabling ultra-fast wireless charging to 500kW, for both trucks and buses. It also makes it possible for wireless ‘opportunity charging at stops' for buses to overnight charging without a cord and HD truck sleeper cabs. To top it off, SAE J2954/2 enables dynamic wireless power transfer, making it possible to charge while driving at roadway speeds," Schneider said. "This enables a leap forward for wireless charging for EV heavy-duty vehicles by establishing a common vehicle and parking location and frequency."

"SAE TIR J2954/2 Heavy-Duty Wireless Power Transfer has the potential to change the mindset of fleet operators enabling both transit buses and truck fleets to go electric. It makes the whole prospect of charging easier to handle compared to conductive charging," said Mike Masquelier, subteam co-chair J2954 HD WPT (WAVE)

"The TIR J2954/2 is a first big step for wireless HD dynamic charging. On-the-go charging will significantly reduce vehicle battery cost, weight and provide a flexible resource to electric utilities," said Dr. Regan Zane, subteam co-chair dynamic charging (Utah State).

SAE J2954 Standard Published Update for Light-Duty WPT Enabling Certification
SAE J2954 recently published an updated Version 2 of its SAE J2954 light-duty standard for wireless power transfer for electric vehicles. This update improves the standard by creating requirements to assist UL 2750 in creating a certification program for SAE J2954 light-duty systems. "The SAE J2954 Standard has the potential to greatly accelerate validation and therefore commercialization of wireless charging systems for light-duty vehicles," Jesse Schneider, Chair SAE WPT Taskforce added.

The new standard is available here:

SAE and UL signed an MoU to jointly develop and share WPT standards to help accelerate certification of wireless power transfer for electric vehicles.

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