SnapNrack Launches TopSpeed™ Mounting System

It’s time to revolutionize rooftop solar

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Feb. 9, 2023 - SnapNrack, leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, is launching an all new rooftop mounting system, TopSpeed™. The TopSpeed™ Mounting System is revolutionizingthe install experience for solar installers.

TopSpeed™ is changing the way solar is installed. SnapNrack has truly redone the installation process by having the majority of the TopSpeed™ install performed on the ground. TopSpeed™ Mounts are attached directly to the modules before the module is brought up on the roof. One of the only steps that follows a traditional install process for layout and planning, is the first row of TopSpeed Mounts. These mounts are attached first to the roof utilizing the integrated Universal Skirt, which creates a strong structure for leveling and aligning the array.

TopSpeed™ is fundamentally changing the installation process and reducing roof layout guesswork, staging jobsite materials, and assembling of racking. By performing the majority of the install on the ground, it allows installers to spend less time on the roof and drastically reduce exposure to safety risks. The simplified process consists of three basic installation steps, making it faster, safer, and easier to achieve more in less time. On the ground, TopSpeed™ Mounts are attached directly to the panels in the approved mounting locations. Next, wire management begins with SnapNrack Smart Clips and MLPE Frame Kits to prep module leads & MLPEs, resulting in a faster mounting install experience. While these steps are being performed on the ground, a simple array layout & the first row of TopSpeed™ Mounts with the Universal Skirt are installed. Once those steps are completed, installers are ready to install at TopSpeed™. After modules are positioned in desired roof location, all mounts are secured to the roof with SnapNrack's proprietary ½" head wood screws (maintaining a single tool installation) and an approved roof sealant. The TopSpeedTM Mounting System will be on full display at the Intersolar NA 2023 trade show from Feb. 14-16, 2023 in SnapNrack Booth #1461. SnapNrack is now accepting orders for the new SnapNrack TopSpeedTM Mounting System with standard order lead times. More details can be found by contacting a SnapNrack Distribution Account Manager or downloading the latest SnapNrack Product Catalog. Customers can be certain they will find a solution necessary for the needs of their business when they turn to SnapNrack for their Solar Mounting Solutions.

About SnapNrack
SnapNrack, owned by Sunrun, is a leading manufacturer of innovative solar mounting solutions designed to reduce installation costs, improve installation quality and safety, and make the job of solar installers easier. SnapNrack roof and ground mount systems feature a single tool installation, pre-assembled snap-in hardware, integrated wire management, integrated
grounding/bonding, and Class A Fire Rating in accordance with UL2703/UL1703 standards. For more information, visit

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