EcoAct announces Climate Data Analytics Unit headed by Nadège Lespagnol

The new unit aims to optimise the potential of data science combined with impact analysis to help businesses optimise their energy and decarbonisation strategies to adapt to climate change.

EcoAct, an Atos company, today launches a new Climate Data Analytics Unit within its mission to support both public and private organisations' decarbonisation journeys. The new unit will develop modelling tools and digital solutions that will enable an enhanced assessment and management of clients' carbon and biodiversity footprints, as well as related risks and opportunities, such as the increased use of renewables. With this new offering, EcoAct aims to optimise the potential of data science combined with impact analysis to help clients adapt to climate change and transform their business models in their transition to a net-zero global economy.

As head of the new unit, EcoAct strengthens its team with the appointment of financial and climate risk expert Nadège Lespagnol. Specialised in statistical and numerical analysis engineering, Lespagnol has more than 20 years' experience in the banking and insurance sector, particularly in the field of financial risk management.

"I am a firm believer in the saying that what cannot be measured cannot be improved - this new unit offers our clients climate and biodiversity data access and management as well as data analysis and predictive modelling services, which will be crucial to reducing their carbon footprint and anticipating climate change risks. Our ultimate goal is to establish catalysts for effective business model transformation.

I am looking forward to sharing my expertise and experience in the use of data, modelling and risk management, thereby strengthening EcoAct's multidisciplinary approach to the fight against climate change", says Nadège Lespagnol, Climate Data Analytics Director at EcoAct.

Collecting data and extracting actionable insights is becoming increasingly crucial, not only to monitor climate change but also to better act on its causes. In turn, data analysis can inform research to improve understanding and modelling of climate change and thus help prevent its consequences. Exploring these opportunities prompted the development of this new unit, composed of a dedicated team of climate experts, data engineers and external partners around the globe with a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering climate data solutions.

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