PVH presents CONNECT a real time logistics tracking application

• In 2022 PVH has been consolidated as the leading manufacturer and supplier of solar trackers and structures in Europe, Middle East and Australia. • CONNECT allows the user to track in real time the goods shipped for each project

Madrid, February 20th - PVH presents CONNECT, a new online application that allows its customers to track in real time the goods shipped for each project. Through this new application, the user will be able to access the status data of the shipments, detailed information of the goods and the exact location of each container.

In addition, the application will show the expected delivery date, which will allow the customer to organize the reception, reduce waiting times and optimize the operation of the teams in the field.
Security and reliability in case of unforeseen events
PVH's added value is that it adapts to the needs of its customers, and what customers demand is accurate information and security. In a world in constant change and with a convulsive geopolitical situation, CONNECT is the solution for continuous and detailed control of each project.
The user can access the application from a computer or cell phone with the credentials that will be provided at the closing of the contract. From that moment on, they will be able to actively track each item shipped (quantity, specifications and details) and its exact location, as well as a forecast of when it will arrive at final destination. In addition, these data can be downloaded to any device for management and analysis in the most convenient way.
Successful model, consolidated internationally
By 2022 PVH has become the leading manufacturer and distributor of solar structures and trackers in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Last year, the company shipped some 18,000 containers to more than 100 solar projects on five continents.
To ensure supply and maintain its commitment to customers, PVH has opted for a model of in-house manufacturing in Spain, Saudi Arabia and the United States. This way, the company achieves optimal product quality conditions, assures supply and reduces price variations due to market volatility.
PVH will be at GENERA, the Energy and Environment International trade fair in Madrid, presenting CONNECT, as well as the most extensive catalog of solar trackers and solutions to optimize the performance of any photovoltaic project.

About PV Hardware (PVH): PVH, a Gransolar Group company, is a provider of innovative solar tracking solutions for the global solar energy market, including solar trackers, fixed structures and SCADA systems. Every product designed by PVH can be adapted to the needs of any given project. They are designed to be installed on any type of terrain, endure different weather conditions, and are prepared to withstand strong winds, supporting any type of module, including thin-film and bifacial. Founded in 2011, PVH has supplied more than 22 GW to PV plants across five continents. Since 2018 it is the third largest supplier of solar trackers and structures worldwide. As a result, PVH has the expertise to significantly optimize the performance of any solar installation.

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