Elleidium Wave Power's fully functional prototype demonstrates a new approach to wave energy and doubles device movement to twice the height of each incident wave

Elleidium Wave Power is a startup developing a new technology for point absorber wave energy conversion: Adaptive Displacement

Elleidium Wave Power's new wave energy technology Adaptive Displacement has been successfully demonstrated with a fully functional 1:25 scale prototype.

The new prototype performed in line with Elleidium's modelling predictions and produced a reliable and repeated amplification of the wave energy converter's vertical movement to twice that of the incident wave height for each passing wave.

Wave energy as a global resource has immense potential to help enable our transition to a zero carbon economy, with both a higher energy density than either wind or solar and a consistent and predictable annual output.

Elleidium Wave Power is taking a previously uncharted approach to finding a dependable, robust and cost effective solution to harnessing the power of our oceans: Adaptive Displacement, which uses modular and configurable displacement adapters to actively adjust the displacement of the device as the wave energy converter is moved by passing waves.

Adaptive Displacement can be implemented using simple and affordable low cost components and requires no wave prediction instruments or other complex control systems in order to achieve a consistent and repeatable amplification of device movement and power production.

"When it comes to wave power and it's place in the net zero energy mix, we need to find a practical, efficient, and cost-effective solution and we need to do it quickly. As this prototype demonstrates, Adaptive Displacement has the very real potential to be that solution" - Jessica Fowler, Founder of Elleidium Wave Power.

Elleidium Wave Power's fully functioning prototype has validated the theory and the modelling that led to the technology's initial development, both doubling the physical movement of the device to twice that of the wave height and dramatically increasing the device's electricity production for each passing wave.

About Elleidium Wave Power:

Elleidium Wave Power is a newly launched startup committed to the effort of achieving the global net zero transition and finding workable and sustainable carbon free solutions to our worlds increasing energy needs.

Elleidium Wave Power is developing a new technological approach to wave energy, one which has the capacity to enable the production of environmentally and commercially sustainable zero carbon electricity from our worlds oceans.

For more information please visit:www.elleidium-wave.com

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