RoyPow Showcases All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System at EES Europe 2023

The SUN series revolutionizes home energy management for a more efficient, safer, greener, and smarter solution.

(Munich, June 14, 2023) RoyPow, an industry-leading lithium-ion battery and energy storage system supplier, showcases its new-gen all-in-one residential energy storage system, the SUN series, at EES Europe in Munich, Germany, the Europe's largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, from June 14th to 16th. The SUN series revolutionizes home energy management for a more efficient, safer, greener, and smarter solution.

Integrated & Modular Design

RoyPow's innovative SUN series seamlessly integrates the hybrid inverter, BMS, EMS, and more into a compact cabinet that can be easily installed indoors and outdoors with minimized space required and supports trouble-free plug-and-play. Expandable and stackable design enables the battery module to be stacked from 5 kWh to 40 kWh storage capacities to effortlessly meet your home's energy needs. Up to six units can be connected in parallel to generate up to 30 kW power output, keeping more home appliances operational during an outage.

Efficiency at Its Best

Achieving an efficiency rating of up to 97.6% and up to 7kW PV input, the RoyPow all-in-one SUN Series is designed to maximize solar power generation more efficiently than other energy storage solutions to support whole house load. Multiple working modes optimize power utilization, improve household energy, and reduce electricity costs. Users are able to run more large home appliances simultaneously all day round and enjoy a comfortable, quality household life.

Reliability and Safety that Shine

The RoyPow SUN Series adopts the LiFePO4 batteries, the safest, most durable, and most advanced lithium-ion battery technology on the market, and boasts up to ten years of design life, over 6,000 times of cycle life, and five years of warranty. Featuring all-weather-suitable, robust construction with aerosol fire protection as well as IP65 protection against dust and moisture, the maintenance cost is reduced to the minimum, making it the most reliable energy storage system you can always count on to enjoy clean, renewable energy.

Smart Energy Management

The RoyPow household energy storage solutions feature intuitive APP and web management that allows for real-time remote monitoring, comprehensive visualization of energy production and battery power flow, and preference settings for optimizing energy independence, outage protection, or savings. Users can control their system from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts and live smarter and easier.

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