BENY's 1500V DC Power Transmission and Distribution Solution Empowers the World's Largest Solar PV Power Station

Recently, the world's largest 7GW Solar PV power station in Qinghai Province's upper reaches of the Yellow River, invested by China National Energy Investment Group, successfully connected to the grid.

Recently, the world's largest 7GW Solar PV power station in Qinghai Province's upper reaches of the Yellow River, invested by China National Energy Investment Group, successfully connected to the grid. Beny, undaunted by severe cold and unwavering in the face of high temperatures, provided advanced transmission and distribution solutions for this colossal solar power station cluster. As a key supporter of the world's largest solar power station, Beny has made significant contributions to driving the advancement of the clean energy industry.

In the backdrop of soaring global demand for renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation has garnered significant attention. As a leading energy solutions provider, BENY is committed to providing cutting-edge and reliable solutions. The Power Station groups in the Upper Yellow River region in Qinghai stands as a testament to this commitment. Though enduring the complexities of high altitudes exceeding 4,000m, extreme temperature fluctuations, and other challenging environmental conditions, BENY's solution has exhibited extraordinary performance as always. Its solution plays a critical role in the system for the stable operation and hassle-free maintenance of the power station

With premium materials and cutting-edge technology, BENY's solutions ensure stable operation even in the harshest environments. BENY's DC power transmission and distribution solution is equipped with multiple protection measures, adeptly countering low air pressure and intense radiation in high-altitude regions, while maintaining exceptional stability amid temperature and humidity fluctuations. Additionally, this intelligent solution features current detection capability, conveniently facilitating line testing in post-installation .

The collaboration between BENY and Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. in renovating photovoltaic power stations highlights the immense potential of photovoltaic energy for advancing green development and ecological harmony. This project not only enhances power production but also sets a blueprint for coexistence through the integration of photovoltaic power stations with ecological governance. Demonstrating multifunctional land use, it sets a precedent for building a plateau ecological civilization. Moreover, it provides invaluable experience and guidance, fostering nationwide progress in green energy development and ecological stewardship. With unwavering conviction, the successful implementation of this transformative endeavor ignites new hope and a radiant future for the plateau region.

As BENY continues to excel in the renewable energy industry, its partnership with Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. marks another milestone in pursuing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. The successful integration of agriculture and photovoltaic technology in renovating Qinghai photovoltaic power stations exemplifies the potential for innovation and harmonious coexistence between human activities and the natural environment.

Looking ahead, BENY remains devoted to advancing cutting-edge solutions and contributing to the global transition towards cleaner and greener energy sources. By continuously pushing boundaries, BENY aims to create a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come. With a shared vision of promoting renewable energy and preserving our planet's ecological balance, BENY and its partners are poised to shape the future of green energy development, setting an inspiring example for the entire industry. Together, we stand united in the collective effort to build a cleaner and more resilient world for all.

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