Soltec inaugurates its first green hydrogen laboratory

• The company aims to further advance its understanding of the future of energy by exploring the full potential of hydrogen in applications such as storage and transportation. • The laboratory is equipped for experimentation with various electrolyzers and technology optimization, covering processes from water purification to hydrogen storage studies.

Murcia, November 16, 2023.- Soltec, a vertically integrated pioneer in photovoltaic solar energy solutions, has inaugurated a dedicated Green Hydrogen Laboratory at its Molina de Segura facilities. This facility becomes a hub for research and development with the goal of improving hydrogen production using methods that leave no carbon footprint. Through water electrolysis powered by entirely renewable energy, Soltec aims to transform the way the world thinks about the fuel of the future.

With facilities allowing experimentation with various electrolyzers and technology optimization, the laboratory focuses on processes ranging from water purification to hydrogen storage studies. This initiative reflects Soltec's commitment to sustainability in exploring the full potential of hydrogen in applications ranging from energy storage to use in the transportation industry.

The inauguration of this laboratory underscores the significance of green hydrogen as a strategic resource for the company to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. For the company, it is a step forward towards a low-carbon global economy and aligns Soltec with international climate goals.

Raul Morales, CEO of Soltec, emphasizes: "Our vision has always been to lead by example in sustainability. This laboratory is not only a commitment to innovation but a statement of our belief in a cleaner future. Our efforts now extend from photovoltaic production to finding new applications for hydrogen, paving the way for a new energy revolution."

With this laboratory, a key milestone for Soltec, the company continues its commitment to renewable leadership by driving key initiatives for the future of energy.

About Soltec Power Holdings
Soltec Power Holdings (ticker: 'SOL') is a company specialized in vertically integrated solutions in the solar PV industry, with a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. Headquartered in Murcia, the Company was founded in 2004 and currently operates in 16 countries, with a strong presence in Spain, North America and Latin America. The company has been listed on the Spanish Continuous Market since 2020.
Soltec structures its activity through three major business areas: i) the photovoltaic project development division, with a strong environmental, social, and governance commitment; ii) the industrial division, through which it offers additional construction services to ensure a complete and integrated value proposition; iii) Soltec Asset Management, a third business division through which Soltec manages the assets it holds in its portfolio, with the aim of maximizing their benefits in the medium and long term.

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