Siemens launches Gridscale X™, paving the way for autonomous grid management

-Gridscale X™ software enables utilities to scale grid capacity and increase DER visibility, essential for grid decarbonization -With Gridscale X, grid operators can accelerate their digital transformation in the planning, operations, and maintenance phase -Gridscale X is part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, complemented by its extensive and open partner ecosystem

Siemens has announced the launch of Gridscale X, paving the way towards the vision of autonomous grid management, accelerating digital transformation for grid operators at speed and scale.

With Gridscale X, Siemens provides modular software to support utilities to tackle their most pressing challenges related to the energy transition. Gridscale X makes it possible to scale grid capacity fast, handle the complexity of DERs and increase grid flexibility with software that is easy to deploy and fast to integrate into existing IT and OT landscapes. This represents a new era of grid management and adds increased value to new and existing customers through planning, operations, and maintenance.

"Grid requirements are changing tremendously, driven by a seven-fold increase in distributed energy resources, putting enormous pressure on power utilities. Gridscale X enables grid operators to rethink grid management, increase capacity fast, and leverage distributed energy resources to improve customer satisfaction. It ultimately empowers utilities to reach net zero, while keeping their grids stable and reliable," said Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Siemens Grid Software.

Accelerating the energy transition through Siemens Xcelerator
As a part of Siemens Xcelerator, Gridscale X software is developed with the core design principles of interoperability, flexibility, openness, availability as a service, and with the highest level of cybersecurity. This means that Gridscale X can meet and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry, complemented by Siemens Xcelerator's open partner ecosystem. Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform to accelerate digital transformation and value creation.

Gridscale X: A new era of grid management with an extensive software offering
Two new Gridscale X software products were announced this week at the Siemens Grid Software Summit and Distributech event in Orlando, USA. Building on an already extensive grid software portfolio, Gridscale X DER Insights and Gridscale X Network Model Manager will enable power utilities to gain visibility over their grid and create a centralized network model. DER Insights enables utilities to protect critical infrastructure by gaining better insights into what is happening behind the meter, and how these resources impact grid equipment. Meanwhile, Network Model Manager is a consistent network model management app and data repository that supports operators with more efficient grid planning, development, and operations.

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