Luminace Selects Raptor Maps’ Instant Inspections AI Solution for Solar Fleet

Groundbreaking solution provides Luminace with critical site data in minutes compared to 2-week industry average

Raptor Maps, the leading provider of solar asset health management software, announced that Luminace is deploying a groundbreaking advancement in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar operations with Raptor Maps' Instant Inspections. The AI-driven offering enables the detection of high-priority thermal anomalies 99% faster than conventional solar aerial inspections.

Luminace, a Brookfield company with a distributed generation portfolio spanning more than 1,400 MW across over 1,400 sites, rigorously tested and validated the AI-powered solution across multiple sites (rooftop, carport, and ground-mount). With Instant Inspections, Luminace technicians can collect aerial inspection data, receive results, and remediate high-priority issues on the same day. The Raptor Maps software underpinning Instant Inspections leverages geospatial models to achieve a level of precision that eliminates redundant truck rolls by making aerial data collection and remediation processes a single event, optimizing technician activities for Luminace.

"We are excited to collaborate with Raptor Maps as we strive to serve customers with safe, cost-effective, and reliable distributed energy assets," said Luminace COO Elizabeth Brennan. "We believe that the future of distributed solar lies in such innovations as Instant Inspections, which allow rapid remediation to improve the safety and performance of the services that we provide to all of our customers."

The data collected is seamlessly fed into Raptor Maps' platform, establishing a robust system of record for Luminace engineers. This integration streamlines asset management and enables the immediate translation of aerial data into actionable insights for the company's 1,400+ site portfolio.

"Our solution is a game changer for C&I solar operations, allowing teams to go from data collection to remediation on the same day," said Eddie Obropta, Raptor Maps co-founder and CTO. "We are excited to support the continued deployment and operations of commercial solar assets, which are critical for the energy transition."

Solar C&I owners can implement Instant Inspections across their fleet today to mitigate fire risks, streamline truck rolls, and maximize power generation.

About Raptor Maps

Raptor Maps is solar's leading asset health management platform built to deliver an AI-powered future for solar. Our software addresses critical challenges in the industry including site underperformance, labor constraints, enabling robotics, and resolving component quality and installation errors. We empower owners and operators to recover power production loss, streamline and scale operations, and protect financial returns.

At Raptor Maps, our mission is to accelerate grid decarbonization by revolutionizing how solar assets are managed and operated, and to give the industry a unified playbook for scalability. Powered by 120 GW+ of PV system data analyzed, we deploy advanced, AI-powered solutions to provide actionable insights and tools. Our goal is clear—to help solar asset owners & operators ensure peak performance and navigate the complexities of an exponentially expanding industry. For more information, visit:

About Luminace

Luminace is a North American distributed energy business owned by Brookfield and a leading provider of decarbonization-as-a-service solutions to utilities, energy cooperatives, commercial, industrial and public sector customers. Luminace is one of the largest distributed energy developers, owners and operators in North America, managing approximately 1,400 MW of operating distributed energy resources across 28 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Canada. To learn more about Luminace, visit

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