FlexGen Launches HybridOS Analyze BESS Software as a Service

HybridOS Analyze, A Stand-Alone SaaS Solution is Now Available: Unlocking Up to 20% More BESS Capacity Utilization for Portfolios Globally

FlexGen, ("FlexGen", or the "Company"), the leading energy storage software and controls provider, is launching their new advanced analytics software platform, HybridOS Analyze. This revolutionary product provides Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) sites with real-time analytics and 24/7 remote monitoring, allowing operators to proactively evaluate equipment condition, maximize system availability, and gives insights for optimal productivity from energy storage assets. HybridOS Analyze works as a stand-alone software solution with any energy management software and any BESS systems. Added system insights can maximize the value of energy storage to the grid and increase system capacity utilization by as much as 20%.

"BESS operators must have clear visibility into their portfolios to maximize asset value. Now, with HybridOS Analyze, operators across the country will be able to visualize their system's condition and capitalize on increases in available capacity more effectively," said Hugh Scott, CTO of FlexGen. "More intelligent and reliable software and controls are the next important step for the industry as storage becomes the lynchpin of the energy transition. FlexGen is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of energy management software, whether that is machine learning, remote monitoring and upgrades, or AI."

FlexGen's software platform, HybridOS, is designed to meet the diverse needs of energy storage owners and operators and ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. With their Remote Operations Center and Innovation Lab, FlexGen provides unmatched management, monitoring, and energy storage optimizations for energy storage assets. The company manages a rapidly growing fleet of energy storage assets operating throughout the United States with Investor Owned Utilities, Municipal and Cooperative Utilities, and Independent Power Producers.

Energy storage projects are built to last decades or thousands of cycles. Understanding where an asset lives within its proforma capabilities while maximizing the revenue opportunity requires the use of complicated, and now available, data analytics. FlexGen's HybridOS Analyze will not only increase the performance of the system but will also allow for asset owners to make better decisions on how and when to perform augmentation services.

To learn more about the powerful capabilities of Hybrid Analyze visit: https://flexgen.com/hybridos-software/.

About FlexGen Power Systems, Inc.

Based in Durham, N.C., FlexGen is a leading integration services and software technology provider for utility-scale energy storage solutions in the United States and globally. FlexGen designs and integrates storage solutions and the software platform that is enabling today's energy transition. Leveraging its best-in-class energy management software, digital controls, and advanced analytics, FlexGen delivers energy storage projects integrated with traditional and renewable power generation globally. FlexGen's products and services help improve the reliability and sustainability of the power grid. The company's clients and partners include the most technically and commercially demanding developers, utilities, renewable energy, electric cooperatives, and industrial companies in the world. To learn more, visit www.flexgen.com.

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