What's the Best Solar Inverter in 2024?

Virtue Solar's new article dives into what the best solar inverter is in 2024, and looks at reliability, as well as pros and cons of all the different inverter options.

If you're thinking about going solar, you may want to research what the best solar panel is, but our opinion, it's even more important to choose the right inverter. While there are subtle advantages and disadvantages to different solar panels, bad inverters are the biggest cause of problems with solar systems. Having the right inverter can make a huge difference in the long-term performance of a solar system.

Inverters take DC energy from the solar panels and convert it into AC electricity that your home can use. It's often the most complicated piece of equipment in a solar system and usually the second most expensive, after the panels themselves. They are also the most likely piece of equipment to cause a major loss of production if they fail.

There are a lot of technical specs that can be dug into with inverters, like CEC efficiency, power input & output, and more, but from installing solar for over a decade, the part that matters most to us is reliability.

With temperatures staying in record highs this week, it's the perfect time to think about switching to solar, and reducing your energy consumption. That means you need to choose the best solar inverter, to get the best value out of your solar investment.

In our new article, we dive into the pros and cons of different inverter types, what works best with battery-backup, and future compatibility with V2H bi-directional charging.

Read our full article on what the best solar inverter is in 2024, to learn the difference between microinverters and string inverters, which inverters are most reliable, and which are the best investment.

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