The Benefits of Pairing Geothermal With PV Systems

There are many advantages to enjoy when you use renewable energy. Did you know that you can incorporate more than one source to reap even more benefits? Take a look at why you might combine geothermal with photovoltaic or PV systems for maximum results.


How Do Geothermal and Solar Differ?

It’s smart to understand the difference between geothermal and solar so you know how they work side by side. Here’s the lowdown on each system.



Geothermal comes from the Earth. You capture steam emitted from the ground to power your house. This system usually involves looped pipes stored below your home. The energy runs through a heat pump that keeps indoor temperatures comfortable throughout the year.



You’re likely already familiar with solar energy, which comes from the sun. You can capture rays through a photovoltaic system that captures sunlight through panels. The power eventually runs through a battery and inverter to your closest electric grid. It’s also possible to use power off-grid.


Why They’re a Perfect Match

Each system serves its own purpose, as you can see above. That’s why they can work together to create a sustainable home environment. You get electricity through the sun that powers your heating and cooling from the Earth. How’s that for renewable energy?


Here’s a look at what perks you can experience by pairing geothermal and solar energy.


Be Energy Independent

If you want to be entirely energy independent, you should use geothermal and solar energy. These two options will let you have complete control over your consumption. You’ll no longer have to rely on the local power grid when you choose an off-grid solar system.


There are some things to consider. Your location might be a determinant to help you figure out whether being energy independent will work. If you experience more cloudy than sunny days, you’ll want to choose a PV system so you’re still connected to the power grid.


Save Money

The average American household spends $115 on electricity monthly. Did you know that those costs are mostly due to heating and cooling? If you use solar energy for power, you can cut expenses further when you add a geothermal system.


They combine their purposes to provide significant savings. You can even enjoy potential tax incentives for using renewable energy. That’s a valuable reward that offsets utility costs as a whole.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Those who use renewable energy have the same goal: They want to lead a more eco-friendly life. Most Americans have a 16-ton carbon footprint — and that’s four times higher than the global average. If you’re going to help the planet, you should try to reduce that number.


It won’t be long before you stop relying on fossil fuels entirely.


Where Can You Begin?

There isn’t any one right way to start. However, you might want to investigate geothermal energy first. You need to have the right outdoor space to install the underground system. If you can get that setup arranged, you’ll be able to move forward without issues.


The cost might be the only downside to using these systems. You need to have money set aside to pay upfront for installation. That said, you should see savings pretty soon afterward. By assessing your personal situation, it’s easy to find the best course of action.


Geothermal and Solar Are a Perfect Match

Why should you use geothermal and solar energy together? These two sustainable systems are perfect for each other. You get the best of both worlds when you use these energy sources as a pair.



Author bio: Jane works as an environmental and energy writer. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of

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