Digging Deep to Preserve the Longevity of Solar

Asset owners increasingly are seeking longer design lives for their solar power plants. While 25 years was the accepted standard for the last two decades, power plant life spans now are being pushed out to three or four decades.

Raptor Robotics: Q&A with Raptor Maps

Raptor Robotics is one of our new products that enables the deployment of robotics technology (such as autonomous drones / drone dock technology) on utility-scale solar sites.

Beyond Installation: Maximizing Solar Panels for the Long Term

Getting the most out of a solar panel requires more than just installing it properly. In my experience, many people don't realize these systems require regular maintenance, but this step is vital to ensuring their solar arrays actually produce their maximum amount of power.

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning

RST is a fully automated panel cleaning technology with no moving parts that you can control from a cell phone or desktop. As a result, RST can clean panels multiple times a week, essentially eliminating soiling losses.

The Effect of Soiling and the Importance of the Maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

This white paper aims to shed light on the impact of soiling on PV panels and the importance of proper maintenance to ensure optimal functioning.

NextGen PV Soiling Mitigation

PV soiling monitors are one of the best ways to know when solar panel cleaning makes sense from an economic standpoint. By knowing how much performance we are losing and our PPA values we can determine when the cost of cleaning < the cost of being dirty (performance loss).

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Offers a maximum power output of 120V/240V 7200Watt and can power almost anything. Whether it is 120 Volts or 240 Volts, Powerhouse can single-handedly address all your home power requirements. The Nature's Generator is a solar generator built to be used anywhere, anytime. Power is supplied by our very own Power Panels and Wind Turbines, and can be connected to your home power. We ensure a clean charge without sacrificing any power, so you can stay connected wherever life takes you.