A terrific issue with a great variety of articles about Alternative Solutions for Energy and perhaps the coolest Earth Toy yet. I want a Tesla Roadster for Christmas.

Editorial Comments

Bob Hetherington | EarthToys

Editorial Comments
A terrific issue with a great variety of articles about Alternative Solutions for Energy and perhaps the coolest Earth Toy yet. I want a Tesla Roadster for Christmas.
Editorial Comments
Bob Hetherington

Last issue I talked about China taking their place in the new world and how we can benefit by working with them in our global economy. Be sure to read CHINA BALANCES THE ENVIRONMENT AND GROWING ECONOMY in this issue which tells us more including how they were recently recognized as the world leading investor in renewable energy.

Some other International optimism is discussed in SCOTLAND - UK GREEN REVOLUTION and 125 MW OF "HUERTA SOLAR" PV PLANTS IN SPAIN. There is real progress being made to solve energy problems in both of these countries.

How about this obvious yet obscure thought ... as we get more efficient at producing and distributing electricity ... no matter how it's produced we stand to save huge amounts of energy. According to CAN ELECTRICITY SAVE ENERGY? , modernizing the US electricity infrastructure could increase economic productivity by 0.7% per year, resulting in an additional US$ 3 000 billion annual GDP by 2025. So what are we waiting for?

Another nice idea is covered in IS AMERICA READY FOR WIND HYDROGEN?  We all know that wind power is intermittent and thus hard to rely on to supply the grid. So why not couple wind with hydrogen production. Wind operators are seeking to deploy hydrogen electrolyzers where possible, and electrolyzer manufacturers creating products for wind-produced electricity. Cool!

Speaking of cool ... how about this Earth Toy!!!!

The gas-free Tesla Roadster boasts a top speed of more than 130 mph and a range of 250 miles per single charge. Its extended range is due to the state- of-the-art lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS).

One of these with our logo on the side would be very suitable for me to drive around in don't you think :-)

Almost as good would be an E85 vehicle running on corn. Have a look at E85 - AN AMERICAN ALTERNATIVE for an update on this option for future transportation needs.

On the housing front I was thrilled to receive the article (GREENING AFFORDABLE HOUSING) from Habitat for Humanity East Bay. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone ... these projects provide affordable housing with low energy operating costs. Well done.

These topics along with several other articles about Alternative Solutions for Energy can be enjoyed in our August EMagazine ... enjoy!

Finally, I just need to say a few words about the need for expertise and solutions in the Alternative Energy Industry. As you know we also publish www.hometoys.com and as witnessed a recent press release I saw on google, there is a lot of interest in this field by dotcom survivors (HomeToys readers). In my opinion there are still way too many politicians and not enough engineers working on solutions to the energy problems on this planet. The HomeToys (Consumer Electronics) industry is chock full of engineers and marketers who have brought sophisticated technologies to the masses in a very short time by focusing on networking and collaboration. They never relied on politics or subsidies to develop their products or markets. They made them simpler, more reliable and more entertaining. They created demand by offering rewarding experiences to consumers. Capitalism works very well if you give it a challenge and focus on the solutions.

The Alternative Energy Industry can learn from this model. People do not want to move back into caves or hide their heads in the sand in order to save a few kilowatts of electricity. We still want toys ... and we work hard to afford them. If we need to spend a few more dollars to keep them ... then I think that's a goal that can be achieved. But can't we have some fun doing it? 

Please take a moment and have a look at the latest HomeToys eMagazine and see if there is something there that interests you. If you have opinions or ideas or want to contact someone in that field please let me know. One of our sayings around HomeToys is "Take Control of your Lifestyle" and I'm all over that. But ... if the power goes out ... the cool toys are not worth a dime ... so part of the lifestyle choices for the future generation must be to "Take Control of your Energy Supply". Think about it!

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