Here are a examples of Wind installations around the world. With an operational fleet spanning 60 countries and every continent Proven Energy's high performance wind turbines accrue over 30 million run hours annually.

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The Isle of Eigg, X=Scotland

Sector: Public

Challenge: No grid connection on the island and expensive generator costs

Solution: Four Proven 11 wind turbines

Benefit: Green energy to power homes and businesses across the island
In 1997, the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, a partnership between the residents of Eigg, the Highland Council, and the Scottish Wildlife Trust took control of the Isle of Eigg in what was at the time a groundbreaking arrangement.

The Trust quickly identified that in order to improve quality of life on the island they had to become less dependent on diesel generators and instead look to an electrification programme.
Four Proven 11 wind turbines were installed on the island where the terrain is rugged, the weather fierce and most of all, the wind regime is one of the best in Europe.
This combination of solar, wind and hydro power has provided a network that is self sufficient and powered 98% from renewable sources. The Heritage Trust has formed a company, Eigg Electric Ltd, to operate the new the £1.6 million network, which has been part funded by the National Lottery and the Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company.
A total of 45 households, 20 businesses and six community buildings on the island are linked together by six miles of buried cable that forms a high voltage network. This is the first time in its history that Eigg has operated a power grid and the difference to quality of life has been enormous.
More recently in 2010, the Isle of Eigg was awarded a share of a £1 million energy conservation prize as part of NESTA’s Big Green Challenge. More than 350 community projects competed for the award and the Island was one of only four winners to share the prize.

Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust Chairman John Hutchison said:
“The project is a world first in the integration of power from the three renewable resources of hydro, wind and sun into a distribution grid supplying homes, community facilities and businesses in an isolated scattered community.”

Agriculture - Scotland

A Scottish farmer’s electricity consumption was so high that he was looking for a more cost effective energy solution to power his four bedroom house and farm.
A Proven 11 wind turbine was installed and connected to the national grid to allow the farmer to sell excess energy back to the grid.
Farming is becoming a greener industry with organic produce and pesticide-free crops so the time is never better to invest in renewable energy.
With a reduction in energy costs, the farm owner can now use power safe in the knowledge that he is not only saving money, but is generating revenue by selling his excess energy.

Domestic - South of England

With rising energy costs and a keen interest in investing in renewable energy, Captain Spencer installed a Proven 11 wind turbine to complement the existing solar panels which power his hot water system.
The Proven 11 successfully lowered his energy costs to almost nothing, enabled him to reduce his reliance on oil and enabled him to generate energy sustainably.
“Before we decided on installing a Proven 11, we looked into other forms of investment but despite our extensive research, we couldn’t find anything that would match or exceed the excellent return on investment that we get with our wind turbine. Interest rates are low at the moment and that meant that the Proven 11 was a fantastic investment.”

Telecommunications - Namibia

 A Proven 11 battery charging wind turbine was installed at a telecoms base station in Namibia which powers the telephone communications for nearby villages.
With grid connection costs too high, the Proven 11 provided a cost effective, green solution to the company’s needs.
Excess power generated from the wind turbine is stored in a battery bank as backup which allows continuous power for the base station, even in light winds.

Established in Scotland in 1980 Proven Energy is an industry leader manufacturing and supplying many hundreds of wind turbines every year. With an operational fleet spanning 60 countries and every continent Proven Energy’s high performance wind turbines accrue over 30 million run hours annually.
Inspiration, innovation and a commitment to development have ensured these wind turbines produce electricity in a variety of wind regimes without the necessity to be stopped for self protection.

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