GE's product technology provides the capability of producing vast quantities of energy and XP's controls and system integration technology provides the capability to connect to the electricity grid and manage the movement and storage of electricity.

GE / Xtreme Power Partnership

Alan Gotcher | Xtreme Power

What is Xtreme Power and what do you do?  

Xtreme Power provides scalable, real-time power management and energy storage solutions that enable a more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective electric grid.

What is the significance of this new partnership with GE?   

GE’s Durathon battery technology has long duration (2, 4 and 6 hour) energy storage, which when matched with Xtreme Power’s XACT control platform and systems integration expertise, provides unique solutions for everyone concerned about efficient, cost effective energy storage

Which specific applications will be jointly targeted with the XP-GE product?   

The combined XP-GE products target market applications where electricity is produced at times when it is not needed.  By storing this energy the XP-GE product can provide electricity when it is and at the same time the controls can provide both real and reactive power which allows simultaneously additional services such as grid support and power quality management.

Can you give us an outline of how GE and Xtreme Power technologies will fit together in a typical storage application?   

GE’s product technology provides the capability of producing vast quantities of energy and XP’s controls and system integration technology provides the capability to connect to the electricity grid and manage the movement and storage of electricity.  The integrated solutions allow multiple problems to be address simultaneously providing lower cost and high power quality to customers.

How will this provide cost-effective, more efficient energy storage solutions?   

By enabling the storage of electricity, energy storage provides an inventory or supply of electricity at distributed locations.  The distributed supply of electricity provides the capability to use this distributed electricity for a variety of needs, cost effectively.  The alternatives include building an increased amount and an over capacity mix of either generation, transmission and distribution assets which would be underutilized and increase costs.

Why did GE choose XP?  

Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource®  and XACT controls platform combines customized real time controls and intelligent power electronics with efficient energy storage technology engineered specifically to the needs of its customers. Xtreme Power enables multiple participants and technologies to simultaneously operate on the electric grid providing new flexibility that has never before been possible.

How soon will we see projects underway using the XP-GE solutions?   

We anticipate fielding our products in the first and second quarter of next year.

How important is utility scale energy storage to the development of the smart and stable grid?  

 It will play an important role.   Today electricity is produced and consumed on the grid real time with little capability to provide a buffer or “inventory” of electricity.   Energy storage provides the capability to inventory electricity to provide electricity when needed with both real and reactive power which can address a vista of  needs in power generation, power transmission and distribution power to allow better use of assets and real time solutions.

How do you see the next 5-10 years evolving in the utility energy storage sector?   

The future holds a significant opportunity for growth and widespread adoption of energy storage use on the electricity grid.  This growth will be paced by changes in energy policy, regulations and the adoption by utilities, Co-Ops and Municipalities.    The benefits to using energy storage are becoming more widely understood as are the benefits for  incorporating energy storage into a more intelligent grid.


Dr. Alan Gotcher brings over 25 years of leadership in material science technology companies with a proven track record in product and business development to his role of Chief Executive Officer at Xtreme Power®. During 2008 to 2011, Dr. Gotcher provided technology, business and strategy services to Fortune 500 and startup companies for large scale, energy storage systems and nano-materials based product technology. From 2004 to 2008, Alan was President, CEO and Director of Altair Nanotechnologies a nano-materials supplier for energy storage, pharmaceutical and high performance market applications, and led the product and product development efforts to place the first grid connected, multi-megawatt lithium ion battery. Alan had a successful 14 year career at Avery Dennison Corporation as Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Technology and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Alan served in various technology leadership roles for Raychem Corporation. Alan received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine.

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