This show is ideal for solar installers, contractors, commercial builders, utility companies, smart home builders, engineering firms and product developers. Of course, anytime is a good time to visit Vegas. So, dont miss this show.

SPI 2016 - Don't Miss The Solar Power International Show

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Head for the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 12 – 15 for the Solar Power International (SPI) trade show, which will guide solar energy professionals to achievement in the solar industry.

The U.S. Solar industry expects to double the amount of installed capacity in 2016; and some municipalities have the goal to become completely renewable by 2030.

SPI is one of the Fastest 50 growing trade shows for the second year in a row, making it the 101st largest US trade show by square feet. Over 15,000 attendees from more than 75 countries are expected at this year’s show due to the boom in business that the solar industry is experiencing. SPI will feature the latest products, multiple networking opportunities, and an education program that highlights the newest technology in the solar industry.

Solar Power International offers an excellent educational program, including innovative sessions, in-depth workshops, sponsored trainings, and education in the exhibit hall.

By attending the workshops, you will learn technology solutions and successful business models, the design and installation of megawatt photovoltaic systems, energy storage for residential applications, solar heating and cooling symposium, and many more.

Within the next five years, nearly $6 trillion will be spent on smart devices with businesses leading the way. SPI is expanding to include the smart building and micro-grid ecosystem, thereby making the connection between solar power and smart products. You can find this information in the Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion.

In the Pavilion, you will find fully functioning microgrids, energy management systems, automation products, an electric vehicle charging station, energy storage providers, solar panel manufacturers, and power converters and inverters. There will also be six smart energy microgrid use case studies.

The Pavilion also contains the Arc House, which makes the connection between smart and Solar. It is a new housing concept that combines the economy and simplicity of tiny house living with cutting edge building science that is smart, self-sufficient, and compact. It’s a net-zero home that is ready for anything, while being beautiful and elegant.

The outdoor pavilion will feature a variety of products connected to a microgrid. The location is right in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and will be the first thing attendees see.

The show will have a series of 25 minute Quick Talks on subjects such as the top three PV optimization trends, comparison of PV technology performance, incorporating distributive solar into utility planning, global solar outlook, PV life cycle analysis, the empowered consumer and much more.

Of course, you have the exhibits—over 600 of them. Here is just a sampling.

SolaTrim, LLC (booth W924) is an innovative barrier system for rooftop solar that provides an easy-to-install perimeter skirting giving an aesthetic look to solar arrays while eliminating problems from pests and debris.

BMZ USA, Inc. in booth W901 provides battery assembly solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, military, recreational, transportation, energy-storage and e-mobility applications. The new ESS 7.0 is now scalable to a total of six units for a total of 40.44kWh of storage. This product is the only lithium ESS (energy storage system) currently on the market that is certified by SMA to work with the Sunny Island battery inverters, worldwide.

In booth W613, SolarMax Renewable Energy Provider, Inc. is introducing the 5kWh lithium-ion powered battery, which provides battery stored power to keep important household appliances and other devices operating when the grid goes down. Unlike other products on the market, the FLEX requires no additional components or labor assembly by the customer.

Alencon Systems in booth 3023 will be demonstrating the newest version of its PV harvesting system which features its unique combination of DC-DC optimizers called SPOTs and central inverters called GrIPS. These systems are tied together with Alencon’s unique PV-IoT monitoring software.

If you are looking for turnkey solar racking, engineering, design and manufacturing of ground mount racking solutions for commercial to utility-scale projects stop by booth 2145.  TerraSmart has more than 30 years of experience in structural engineering and aluminum and steel fabrication. Their innovative ground screw foundation and racking systems have transformed the solar industry by minimizing project risks, and ensuring successful installation in all soil types.

Ever wish you could open the pool just a little sooner in the season or keep it open longer at the end of the season? Now, you can. Check out UMA Solar in booth 1119. UMA is one of the largest national manufacturers and distributors of solar and eco-friendly pool products. UMA is a resource for efficient solar pool heating and hot water panels to solar electric solutions for residential and light commercial applications.

To avoid costly repairs caused by theft and vandalism, visit Viasys Solar Secure in booth 2759. They install the Video Alarm System infrastructure which creates an electronic fence around a solar plant and sends video alarm images only when a breech attempt occurs. The principal concept is video analytics that identifies intruders against a dynamic outdoor environment providing actionable intelligence, situational awareness and early warning before damage is done.

Need at special tool? Visit Rennsteig Tools Inc. in booth 2777. They can help you make your solar installs much more efficient by giving you the tools you need to do a fast and professional job. These precision cutting, stripping and crimping tools are specifically engineered for the wires and terminals specific to the solar industry. Every time a new connector is released to the market, they engineer a new die set for the connector, so that you don’t have to invest in a whole new crimp tool. All you need is an additional die set to fit your existing crimp tool.

One of the biggest problems a home owner has is the selection of a qualified installer. Pick My Solar (booth WSUA9) is an online platform which connects homeowners to a network of vetted, quality solar Installers in a transparent environment for no charge or commitment. The site walks a user through online education and a simple registration process that creates a project for certified, vetted installers to place bids.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the right fastener for the job. In booth 2876, you can find a complete selection of solar fasteners. Marine Fasteners supplies corrosion solutions with solar stainless hardware that will last, based on over 30 years of corrosion experience in the marine, industrial, construction and renewable energy industries. Try their products for use in racking, inverters, energy storage and many other aspects of the solar industry.

Looking for a solar cell that can fit around curved structures? In booth 300W, MiaSolé is showing their innovative solar cell, based on the highest efficiency thin film technology available today. Its flexible lightweight solar cells and modules can go where rigid glass modules can’t, such as low load capacity roofs, structures such as carports and storage facilities, and other curved surfaces. They won’t break and have superior wind resistance.

This show is ideal for solar installers, contractors, commercial builders, utility companies, smart home builders, engineering firms and product developers. Of course, anytime is a good time to visit Vegas. So, don’t miss this show. For more information on the Solar Power International Show go to


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