A customer can subscribe to as little as single panel or enough to zero-out their utility bill.

Arcadia's Community Solar Program

Kiran Bhatraju | Arcadia Power


Please tell us a bit about your community solar program?

Arcadia Power is making solar savings available to everyone. Customers simply subscribe to a solar panel in a system that we manage remotely and receive savings on their utility bill each month based on their panel's production. A customer can subscribe to as little as single panel or enough to zero-out their utility bill, and, best of all, if the customer moves, their Arcadia Community Solar savings can move with them to their next home.

Arcadia’s community solar program runs on a sophisticated software platform developed in-house over the last three years that integrates with over 100 utility billing systems across all 50 states. Our billing platform allows subscribers to receive monthly savings directly on their utility bills based on the energy production of the system, providing:

  • Portability – the program, and its savings, moves with the customer from utility to utility as they move homes.
  • Modularity – customers can buy as few or as many panels as they choose.
  • Analytics – customers have access to real-time production data on their panels, as well as their savings.


Is it available nationwide? Can I subscribe a panel in Hawaii or Kentucky?

Yes! We currently have solar customers receiving savings across 30 states.


Is there any equipment to install or credit check before buying and do I need to own my home?

Our community solar program takes out all of the complexity of rooftop solar and boils it down to a simple 3 step online signup. It’s as easy as buying shoes online.

There is no equipment, no credit checks, no home inspection, and you can be a renter or homeowner. All that's required is that you currently pay a utility bill.


Has this been done before? Why doesn't a customer just buy rooftop solar?

This is the first time solar has been offered with flexibility and modularity across all 50 states. Customers anywhere, whether they rent or own, can get solar savings even in states without an active rooftop solar market.

If a customer does have a south-facing roof, owns their home, lives in the right state, and has the financial capability - they should absolutely buy rooftop solar. But as you can see, it takes a lot to be eligible, so our product is tailored for all the people who don’t own their roof, rent, might move in next 20 years, or otherwise can’t access rooftop solar.


After a customer subscribes to a panel, how do they receive savings?

Each month, your solar project produces electricity, which is sold to a local host or into a local power grid, producing revenue. Arcadia Power’s software captures the revenue generated and applies it off a customer’s utility bill no matter where they live. Similar to rooftop solar, customers get savings each month based on production, but unlike rooftop solar, the customer can live anywhere and doesn’t need to install any equipment.


How much are the savings for an average subscriber?

Similar to rooftop solar, a customer can bring their bill down to $0 if they purchase enough panels. Our average customer buys 4 -5 panels which produces roughly ~$15 a month in savings (depending on the time of year).


How does the program benefit the power companies?

Utilities often find it difficult to manage community solar programs. With our setup, we’re able to make sure utilities are still fully compensated for service and reliability they provide, while giving customers the option to support new solar and get savings.


How many panels do I have to buy, and can I fully offset my local power bill?

You can buy as few as 1 panel and up to 20 or more. Offsetting your bill depends on your average energy usage, and our solar experts are always on hand to look at your bills and help you decide on the right amount of solar for you.


About Kiran Bhatraju
Kiran Bhatraju, is Founder and CEO of Arcadia Power, helping consumers nationwide take control of their energy bills with renewable energy and energy efficient products and services. He has spoken and presented at the World Bank, NARUC, APPA, and the Edison Electric Institute. He was formerly a published author and congressional aide to Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) where he worked on energy policy. He sits on the board of the Environmental Voter Project, and is a proud Kentucky Colonel.


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