Booth #28 - Attendees will be able to learn about upgrades to CertainTeed’s Solstice System, utilizing high-efficiency modules paired with best-in-class balance of system components

Q&A with CertainTeed Corporation, The NABCEP Continuing Education Conference

Contributed by | CertainTeed Corporation

Your company will be presenting at NABCEP CE Conference, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

CertainTeed has supported the NABCEP CE conference for the past five years because we support the mission of training and education that makes it possible to advance the solar industry. The shared experience of the attendees is invaluable in shaping best practices and continuously improving the quality of solar installations. We’re in a great time in the U.S. in which the demand for rooftop solar solutions is increasing and the technology has improved such that it continues to become more viable and cost-effective for builders and homeowners. This conference is an excellent opportunity for CertainTeed to show engineers, installers and thought-leaders all we’re doing in the realm of solar as well as learn from the other exhibitors and attendees. CertainTeed has also been working on several initiatives and partnerships aimed at making solar more attainable for homeowners and removing barriers that can discourage builders from incorporating solar in their designs, such as upfront costs and maintenance. We’re excited to engage with the solar community which shares our values.


What can an attendee to your presentation expect to learn this year?

The title of our session is “Solar and Roofing.” It will examine the impacts of solar installations on roofing materials. We will look at different types of roofs and the way to properly install solar on them. Instructors will consider a variety flashing types and demonstrate how they are properly installed. In addition, we will discuss solar roofing installation, considerations and design.


Any new or recently released products you will be showcasing?

Attendees will be able to learn about upgrades to CertainTeed’s Solstice System, utilizing high-efficiency modules paired with best-in-class balance of system components; Apollo® II, CertainTeed’s durable solar roofing system, featuring an all-black solar shingle with a low profile that visually blends into your roof and provides a clean look; and Apollo Tile II, a low-profile solar roofing system that integrates into existing concrete tile roofing.

Apollo® II

Apollo Tile II

All three solar solutions include modules which are made in the U.S. CertainTeed will also share information about CertainTeed’s solar credentialing programs, which provide installers with technical education as well as marketing and sales support to distinguish themselves among competitors. In addition to industry-leading product warranties, systems installed by CertainTeed’s Credentialed and Master Solar Installers are backed by a warranty on the installation of the system of up to 25 years.


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?

We’re excited to interact with the installers, engineers and influencers who are making solar a reality in the U.S. As a building products manufacturer, CertainTeed is dedicated to sustainability. Rooftop solar is still a young industry, and we want to do as much we can to encourage and educate the people who are doing the work. We also want to engage with solar industry leaders to share strategies for improving the market for solar.


How about Panel sessions, do you intend to sit in on any of these this year?

The way the energy grid stores, generates, distributes and uses energy is changing rapidly due to solar. As more homeowners look to generate their own energy and give back to the grid, it’s important to consider the impact that has on the overall energy supply. For those reasons, the panel sessions, “Large-Scale PV 2019: Key Topics and Considerations,” and “The Impact of Grid-Interactive Storage Systems” are very timely.


When you book for an event like this what are your expectations and what does your company hope to accomplish at the event?

This event is a great chance to network and display our products, but more importantly, it’s a chance to learn. It’s important that solar manufacturers, distributors, installers and experts work together to make sure everyone is aware of the latest trends. We’re hoping to share what we know in addition to what we have.

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