Instead of going with the traditional rooftop or ground-mounted systems, the company decided that a solar canopy system for its employee parking lot would be the ideal solution.

Trina Solar Success Story: AVX Corporation Headquarters Carport
Trina Solar Success Story: AVX Corporation Headquarters Carport

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Trina Solar, in partnership with Hannah Solar, is proud to announce the completion of a solar carport for AVX Corporation using Trina’s DUOMAX 72-cell clear EVA modules. 


Fulfilling the Company’s Objective

AVX Corporation, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components, was seeking a way to reduce the global environmental impact of its global headquarters located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

Instead of going with the traditional rooftop or ground-mounted systems, the company decided that a solar canopy system for its employee parking lot would be the ideal solution.

Using Trina Solar’s DUOMAX clear EVA modules, the parking lot now houses a 10-canopy solar PV system that produces on-site electrical generation for the AVX headquarters, making it the largest solar canopy in South Carolina. With each canopy producing around 90.7-kW of power, the total output is equivalent to a year’s worth of power for 108 homes.

As with any major solar installation, several different companies had to come together to make this project a success. In addition to AVX Corporation, other stakeholders included design-build contractor Hannah Solar while Quest Renewables provided its quadpod double cantilever canopy system. The project also moved forward with support from South Carolina’s Duke Energy Solar Rebate Program.


Choosing the Right Solar Module

As an advanced electronic components company, AVX understood the value of optimizing power gains with their solar PV modules.

Trina Solar had the perfect fit for the project: the DUOMAX 72-cell clear EVA modules. These stylish panels employ a heat-treated dual-glass design that captures sunlight, while also retaining a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design. Since they modules are transparent, they still allow sunlight to pass through, creating a visually stunning light-filtering effect.

The ethylene vinyl acetate polymer the coats the frameless panels boosts insulation and lowers degradation while providing increased yearly and lifetime energy gains that are roughly 25 percent greater compared to traditional framed modules. Combined with a 30-year linear power warranty, the DUOMAX modules has enhanced performance that improves energy gains and leads to a faster ROI.


An Impressive Solar Site

Not only does the canopy reduce the company’s carbon footprint and lower its energy bills, it also provides a nice perk for employees: a large, shaded parking lot. Anyone who’s had to leave work and enter a vehicle that’s been baking in the sun all day long knows full the value of a well-shaded car at the end of the work day.

In addition, the carport utilizes pre-existing real estate, in this case the parking lot. For companies without the available rooftop space or surrounding land to build a ground-mounted installation, a solar PV canopy with transparent DUOMAX modules allows for renewable energy generation and a sound financial investment with long-term benefits.



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