NABCEP 2020 CE Conference has been postponed till July 6th, 2020. Below is information from several companies who plan to exhibit at this years show. NABCEP Insights from Panasonic Solar, Tigo Energy & RBI Solar.

AltEnergymag - Exhibitor Insights and News from NABCEP (Part 1)

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General Information

The advanced-level content presented at the annual NABCEP CE Conference is geared toward PV industry professionals who have experience with PV installation, solar + storage, technical sales, design, O&M, or system inspection. This is the only industry event that allows NABCEP Board Certified Professionals to obtain as many as 21 hours of continuing education units needed to recertify. Noncertified renewable energy professionals seeking to advance their career can earn up to 18 hours towards becoming NABCEP Board Certified by attending the CE Conference.

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Q&A with Rolls Battery: Care and Maintenance of Flooded Deep Cycle Battery Banks

Part 2:  Insights from Morningstar, LG & Enphase Energy

Insights from Panasonic:

Panasonic will be exhibiting in Booths 55 & 56:  Vikki Muthukumaresan and Dan Glaser, two of Panasonics sales engineers, will be presenting on energy storage at the conference. The presentation will be focused on the current state of the residential energy storage industry, future outlook, and insight into our new storage solution.

Energy storage is on the forefront of customers' minds as we transition society to EVs and further electrify homes. Unlike solar, energy storage can be a complex labyrinth to navigate for solar veterans, let alone those new to the industry. We take the approach of simplifying the product selection, design, quoting, and sales process, and attempt to demystify some of the concepts surrounding residential energy storage. 

Attendees will be able to get a glimpse into where Panasonic is headed as a company, with a detailed look into our residential solar, storage, and smart home offering. As mentioned above, attendees will also walk away with a fundamental understanding of residential energy storage.   

We will also be showing our new residential energy storage system called EverVolt. It is a simple, intuitive design, from one of the only companies that can provide a complete solar PV and energy storage solution to homeowners.

We invite you to join our Residential Energy Storage Training and learn how to become an EverVolt Certified Installer

Trainer: Dan Glaser Tuesday, March 17, 2020 9:00am-10:30am

Jr. Ballroom D


Insights from Tigo Energy:

Tigo Energy will be exhibiting in Booth 24.  This year, Tigo is presenting 2 topics about meeting Rapid Shutdown with Tigo’s TS4 Platform – one for Designing, one for Rapid Shutdown. Participants will learn about Tigo’s solutions for Rapid Shutdown NEC 2020 and be granted a certification upon completion.

Design with Tigo TS4 for Rapid Shutdown, Presented by Tigo Energy, Inc.

Trainer: Gary Hethcoat

Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 4:30pm-6:00pm
Room 101; 1.5 CEU Credits


Learn how to design a smart module system using Tigo's Flex MLPE that is compliant with NEC 2017 & 2020  690.12  rapid shutdown requirements. An introduction to the TS4 platform and its modular functionality will provide a system overview and basic design guidelines. Design a smart module system using selective deployment and Predictive IV. Plan a communication layout for monitoring and rapid shutdown control using the Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)  and Tigo Access Point (TAP). If you attend, you'll be granted a 'Tigo Certified Designer’ certification.


PV Safety with Tigo TS4 for Rapid Shutdown, Presented by Tigo Energy, Inc.

Trainer: Gary Hethcoat

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 4:30pm-6:00pm
Room 101; 1.5 CEU Credits


Learn how to comply with NEC 2017 & 2020 690.12’s rapid shutdown requirements using Tigo’s Flex MLPE. A short introduction and overview of the hardware will show you what makes up the Tigo rapid shutdown solution for new or existing systems. Instructions for physical installation of TS4 integrated and add-on units will include system configuration and quick commissioning steps using the Tigo SMART App. If you attend, you'll be granted a 'Tigo Certified Installer' certification. 

In its booth Tigo will review various  TS4 System architectures for meeting Rapid Shutdown – the most cost effective solution and the module-level monitoring solution. The newest product that will be showcased is Tigo’s TS4-A-S (Safety Add-on) and TS4-A- (Monitoring Add-on). Tigo’s Booth #24 will display all the TS4 Platform products and communication accessories.

Insigths from RBI Solar:

RBI Solar will be exhibiting in Booth 67. RBI Solar has several employees that have NABCEP certification and we have been an NABCEP supporter for several years. This conference marks an opportunity to stay current with topics in the solar industry.  

While we will not be speaking at any of the round tables or training events, but our NABCEP certified personnel will be participating in the educational sessions to earn continuing education credits. 
If you stop by our booth, you can learn about each of the various solar mounting systems we offer for fixed-tilt, ballasted, tracker, carport/canopy, and roof mount projects. We will have Sales and Project Operations specialists on-site to help you with your next project.
As well, last year we launched the Sunflower single-axis tracker and we’ve completed over 500 MW of this product to date. The Sunflower is the most innovative commercial single-axis tracker in the marketplace. With terrain following capabilities up to 10% slope, independent/variable row lengths, and one foundation type throughout the array; installation is made simple, requiring no special tooling.


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Tigo Energy


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