Here we have compiled a report with several product releases from this years show.

Solar Power International 2013 Tradeshow Report

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This years show took place October 21 - 24, 2013, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.  17,000 + visitors attented to learn about the latest technology innovations, financing models, business best practices and policy and incentive programs that are contributing to the growth of the solar industry. Products from over 700 exhibitors from over 100 countries were on display representing the entire system of solar technology and showcasing advances in solar cell and module technology, balance of system components, solar heating and cooling and energy storage.

This year Solar Power International more than doubled the educational offering, with nearly 60 concurrent sessions and Quick Talks, more than 60 new sessions in key areas on the Expo floor, and more than 50 new educational posters.

As a media partner is covering Solar Power International 2013 and bringing  industry news and exciting new products to our eMagazine to help our readers make sense of this massive event. Make sure to check out our special SPI 2013 Newspage for Exhibitor news.

Here we have compiled a list of some product releases from this years show.



Trojan Battery - Single-Point Watering System For Its Flooded Batteries 

The new watering system makes maintenance of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries faster, easier and safer.

Trojan’s single-point watering kit is designed to take the guess work and mess out of properly watering flooded batteries. The flexible tube routing allows the watering system to work with various battery bank sizes and configurations. It also features an automatic valve shut-off to control the electrolyte level within each cell which prevents overwatering. In addition, the kit enables users to fill their deep-cycle batteries without having to remove the vent covers, an important safety feature which reduces the chance for contact with the battery’s electrolyte.



EcoFasten - Tile Hook

Uses patented watertight bushings

Adjustable for multiple tile widths and heights

Solutions for both curved and flat tile

Eliminates the need to drill through tile

Meets or exceeds all know building codes

Tested for strength



Panasonic - Comprehensive Solution for Solar PV projects up to 20 MW 

Sunlight is plentiful. Funding for solar projects: less so. Yet the need for clean, renewable energy persists. So Panasonic Eco Solutions North America has joined forces with Coronal Management LLC to deliver the first truly comprehensive end-to-end solution to facilitate the development and commercialization of solar PV projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal and small utility markets. From inception to commercial operation and beyond, capabilities include construction and permanent financing, project implementation and long term service and maintenance that should ensure attractive and reliable benefits, for decades to come. 



Outback Power Systems - Radian GS4048A and Radian GS3548E

Radian Series GS4048A and the GS3548E Inverter/Chargers give qualified installers the ability to suit residential, industrial and commercial off-grid and grid connected applications throughout the world. Expanding the range of the already successful GS8048 and GS7048E 8kW and 7kW Radian Series family, the 4kW and 3.5kW inverters deliver power, value and flexibility to installers, and enable end users to reduce costs and increase reliability through grid-interactive renewable energy systems. The newest Radian sizes address installer needs to suit varying voltage standards and electrical load requirements in emerging countries, and provide advanced grid management options for those regions which may not support full grid-interactive operation.

OutBack Power’s grid-interactive technologies offset utility costs when the grid is up and deliver reliable power when utilities are down. The Radian Series GS4048A and GS3548E give distributors the ability to stock two inverter/charger models and give installers the ability to power grid-interactive and off-grid systems in North, South and Central America, as well as in the Caribbean and in Japan. Installers choose the appropriate voltage, frequency and grid interface protection parameters for the particular market, and then use OutBack Power’s configuration wizard to program the devices accordingly. Both models support AC coupling through a compatible OutBack Power load center to provide an economical solution for upgrading or retrofitting existing grid-tied systems for battery backup capability. The GS4048A and GS3548E Radian Inverter/Chargers are also UL1741 certified for U.S. applications and IEC 62109-1 certified.



Ecolibrium Solar - Ecorail 

Ecorail is a rail based mounting system designed to reduce the cost of deploying solar.  The low part count and pre-assembled components reduce the installation requirements, while robust design and materials withstand harsh conditions.  With solutions for nearly any application, Ecorail simplifies the ordering process.  Ecorail, the mounting system that makes cents. 





Also Energy - PowerTrack Energy Monitoring

PowerTrackTM is a software solution providing energy management services to gather data from various sources, securely stores the data, and presents it in a way that allows for easy analysis and understanding. Public-facing kiosks are available to showcase systems. In addition, the system generates alerts and integrates with back office functions. With PowerTrack energy management services, you will always know how all parts of your energy portfolio are doing. From the performance of a single panel to managing the entire portfolio, our software is a complete commercial energy management system designed so you can maximize the return on your renewable energy investment.



Kipp & Zonen US Inc. - CVF4 Ventilator 

Accurate monitoring of solar radiation is a key requirement in the field of solar energy. It helps well-founded decision making on the determination of optimum locations, the efficiency of installed systems and predicting the system output.

Global solar radiation is measured by pyranometers. These instruments have glass domes to protect the sensitive detector surface from environmental influences and to provide good directional response. The domes must be kept clean to maintain the quality of the solar radiation measurement.

Ventilation of pyranometers reduces the frequency of cleaning and improves the reliability and accuracy of measurement by reducing dust and dirt on the domes and removing dew and rain droplets. Use of the integrated heater melts frost, ice and snow. Kipp & Zonen will present to SPI’s visitors the new CVF4 ventilation unit that uses the latest air flow management techniques. 



Danfoss Solar Inverters - QLX Central Inverter Series

The true innovative solution for centralized plants.  Designed for the toughest environments, our new 1-1.5MW Danfoss QLX series redefines high performance in environmental conditions.  Our QLX series come as a complete drop off solution and is built to deliver maximum output power for all utility scale PV power plants. 






Mersen - PV String Monitoring 

Guarantee the long term power efficiency of PV installations

In mid- and large-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations, it is mandatory to properly monitor the string level production over time to guarantee long term power performance by maximizing energy production, optimizing facility management, and decreasing operations and maintenance costs.

Mersen, a worldwide leader in electrical protection solutions, is proud to deliver a string monitoring solution to be installed in the string combiner box. Highly accurate and featuring a built-in power supply, this flexible, high-performance system monitors from 6 to 30 PV strings.



U.S. Battery - RE-Solar Deep-Cycle Batteries


U.S. Battery RE Series deep-cycle batteries include unique features that give them the highest peak capacity, cycle life, and reliability for use in solar powered homes and businesses. RE Series batteries use the company's exclusive Diamond Plate technology, consisting of highly efficient synthetic tetrabasic lead sulfate (TTBLS), crystal structures. U.S. Battery's improvement in plate structure with synthetic TTBLS, results in enhanced performance, charging, and life of the battery over any other on the market.
U.S. Battery's RE-Series deep-cycle batteries also include DefenderTM moss shields, preventing the formation of "mossing shorts". When combined with an exclusive Outside Positive (OSPTM) battery design, which mitigates the effects of positive plate deterioration and further increases battery life, overall capacity and stable performance over the life of the battery is dramatically increased.
In addition to internal capacity performance, U.S. Battery RE Series deep cycle batteries also feature extra heavy-duty connector lugs for extreme power loads, a tough polypropylene exterior case, heavy-duty lifting handles, and the company's SpeedCap® Venting positive locking system for easy maintenance. An optional factory installed, single-point watering system is also available. 



Lufft USA Inc. - WS503-UMB and the Lufft WS Family of Smart Weather Sensors 

The WS503-UMB is part of the innovated WS Family of Smart Weather sensors specialized for the Solar Industry. The WS501/WS301 series of sensors measure solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and surface temperature all in one compact easy to install unit. The WS503 is unique in that the solar radiation sensor is tiltable to achieve accurate plane of array measurements. The sensor is extremely flexible and will integrate into any existing program logistics controller or software system with minimal support. Maintenance free operation means less time supporting and service the weather station and more time monitoring the efficiency and production of your solar PV project. 



Solar FlexRack - SFR 2HR Ground Mount


The SFR 2HR Ground Mount is a ground unit that features an all-steel, pre-assembled unfolding design -- leveraging the ease of installation and material optimization for an overall reduction in total project costs.  

Features: Unique pre-assembled, unfolding design; Installs in 5 minutes or less with a 3-man crew; Available for framed or thin-film panels; Adapts to a variety of ground posts; PE-certified for wind and snow loads; FIT-compliant



Ingeteam Inc - Ingecon® Sun Power Max 

At the 2013 edition of the Solar Power International trade fair, Ingeteam is to showcase its innovative 500 kW central inverter with transformer. This new INGECONÒ SUN Power Max U, certified to the UL 1741 standard, provides a maximum AC power output of 500 kW up to an ambient temperature of 50 ºC (122 ºF), with a maximum efficiency of 97.2%. This model is specifically designed for outdoor installation (NEMA 3R), whilst it also has a low voltage ride through capability, and is able to inject reactive power and control the active power delivered to the grid.

The new INGECONÒ SUN Power three-phase inverter with transformer will also be on show at the stand. Although this single power block model is equipped with a transformer, it can reach maximum efficiency values of 98.4%, operating at output voltages of 208V and 480 V, and delivering a power output of 125 kW. The transformerless version covers a power output range from 125 to 220 kW. Just like the INGECONÒ SUN Power, the  INGECONÒ SUN Power U is compliant with the UL 1741 standard and has a NEMA 3R protection rating.


Array Technologies - DuraTrack DA Tracker

Array Technologies’ DuraTrack DA single-pole tracker has a proven track record throughout the solar community.  Large Utility companies use solar tracking to increase their return on investment.  You can also take advantage of Array Tech’s patented light-sensing technology to economically maximize your power. 

Fast and Easy to Install – Our universal mounting system accommodates most module types. This system, along with being a single-pole design, comes equipped with a pre-mounted, programmed tracker controller for one quick installation.

Sturdy and Reliable – Built with anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel, DuraTrack™ DA uses a robust gear-driven design to maximize stability.


Low Maintenance – Simply lubricate the drive just once a year to continue harvesting maximum solar power far into the future.



Advanced Energy - AE 3TL Three-Phase String Inverter 

Now there’s a plug and play solution for a wide range of commercial-scale solar PV projects. Weighing in at only 108 pounds, the AE 3TL is easy to install and compatible with many applications and the most challenging system designs. With industry leading efficiency and reliablity, and 600 V and 1000 V options, it maximizes energy yield. Backed by the exceptional service, support, and industry leadership you’ve come to trust, the AE 3TL is innovation you can bank on. Invest in the game changing power of distributed inverters from Advanced Energy.






SolarWorld - Sunmodule Protect

No heavier than a standard glass-film panel, the innovative new product is protected by one of the industry’s highest-value performance guarantees. The Sunmodule Protect guarantee covers 30 years of power performance, a 20 percent gain from the industry-standard 25 years. The policy also limits declines in performance protection to .35 percentage points in each of the 30 years – the lowest degradation rate for such a guarantee among major world industry producers.

Positioned between glass on both front and back, solar cells are optimally protected against environmental factors such as water intrusion. Cells also are less susceptible to shear stress, thereby reducing cell breakage. Even with a second pane of glass, Sunmodule Protect solar panels remain lightweight, at about 46 pounds – the same as the Sunmodule Plus glass-film panels. They include the same sturdy aluminum frame and reliable junction box with connectors. Therefore, the Sunmodule Protect is compatible with the same traditional mounting systems as SolarWorld’s Sunmodule Plus.



SolarEdge - P Series Power Optimizers 

SolarEdge’s power optimizer line will be refreshed for 2014, featuring the new P Series power optimizer with higher power, higher operating temperature and a simpler single bolt mounting plate. With more than 2.7 million power optimizers and over 100,000 inverters installed in 50 countries, SolarEdge is leading the DC power optimizer market. SolarEdge power optimizers increase energy harvesting by placing electronics at the module-level, mitigating losses from soiling, shade and module aging. SolarEdge’s power optimizers simplify the design process as well by increasing the maximum number of modules that can be connected in a single string by 60% in residential installations and by 230% in commercial installations. System designers can use this increased flexibility to maximize roof utilization and to lower total installed cost.



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