altE Announces 2018 Solar Conference Puerto Rico, March 22 & 23rd

Two day solar installer conference offers technical training for off-grid, hybrid and grid-tie solar power systems to be held March 22-23rd, Hyatt Place San Juan/City Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

altE announced the 2018 altE Solar Conference Puerto Rico will be held on March 22-23, at the Hyatt Place San Juan/City Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The conference, created to educate and train solar installers, is a unique offering in Puerto Rico. altE crafted the agenda specifically for solar installers to gain practical and applicable industry knowledge. In addition to the focus on solar installation skills and educational resources, conference attendees will be able to meet with solar equipment manufacturers to learn about products and answer questions.

Electric grid unpredictability is now a way of life in Puerto Rico—particularly with specter of the privatization of the grid looming. In the latest blow to confidence in the Puerto Rican grid, the Army Corps of Engineers announced a "responsible Drawdown" of its workforce working on the grid, despite hundreds of thousands still without nearly a half of a year after Hurricane Maria made landfall. This is leading many in Puerto Rico to rely on themselves for energy production and storage and consider the electric grid as a potential backup power source.

"Instability of the electric grid in Puerto Rico is a well-known issue. And its clear solar makes a lot sense for the independence and quality of life for Puerto Ricans. The goal of the 2018 altE Solar Conference Puerto Rico is to provide solar installers real-world skills and education to help them make Puerto Rico a showcase for the rest of the world of how solar power can be a reliable, cost effective, and clean source of energy," said Sascha Deri, CEO of altE. "The future of the traditional electric grid in Puerto Rico is uncertain. We want to help Puerto Rico leap ahead of nearly all regions of the Caribbean and Americas with distributed renewable power networks through passing on our nearly two decades of experience of and knowledge with solar power and energy storage."

On Thursday, March 22, the conference will feature an introduction to solar and battery backup for installers new to the industry or for employees of installers new to solar. This all-day class, taught by altE solar experts, will introduce the basics of grid-tie, off-grid and AC-coupled solar systems. Friday, March 23, will feature the conference showroom floor with manufacturer displays and a full day of training sessions taught by leading solar manufacturers. Companies attending include Schneider Electric, IronRidge, Midnite Solar, SolarWorld, Crown Battery and Xantrex. The classes will cover everything from component specifics to off-grid solutions to energy storage options. Each day of the conference will cost $99 and attendees can join either one or both days of the event.

Included with conference registration is breakfast, lunch, and access to all sessions presented on Friday by the component manufacturers in attendance. The Hyatt Place San Juan/City Center is located at Avenida Fernandez Juncos 580 San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA. The hotel is centrally located a short drive from airports located near San Juan—just 10 minutes from San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and 5 minutes from Isla Grande Airport.

"The agenda for the conference will appeal to those that have been in solar for a long time and those new to the industry. We will be judging the success of the conference by attendees leaving the conference with new skills and knowledge so they can be a part of reimagining energy production and storage in Puerto Rico," said Deri.

altE has been making renewable do-able since 1999. Theyre one of the longest standing renewable energy component providers in the United States. For the last 7 years they have also hosted their popular solar installer conferences on the mainland US. altE is headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts and has supplied solar equipment for projects on every continent in the world.

Learn more about altE and visit their solar educational resources at the altE website:

To sign up for the conference and view the full agenda visit the conference web page:

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