Soltec’s SF7 Bifacial Tracker Attains Bifacial Gains of over 19%

The results obtained at Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC) will be published on a white paper on Friday, 29th of March

Soltec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers and related services in large ground-mount PV projects, has prepared a white paper that presents the results obtained from September to November of 2018 at Soltec's Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC) in Livermore, California.

BiTEC studied the bifacial gain of PV modules deployed in the two most common tracker configurations in the market today: 1-in-Portrait (1P) and 2-in-Portrait (2P). Initial results show that individual modules deployed in SF7 Bifacial tracker in 2P configuration exhibit a Bifacial Gain that is 2.4% higher than that of the same modules in 1P configuration.
The increased bifacial gain is applied to a hypothetical 65 MWp solar project and yields an improvement in the project net value of 1 US$ Million.

Black & Veatch Management Consulting LLC reviewed the technical data, measurement techniques, and methodology used by Soltec and believes that the methodology is consistent with accepted industry practice. *
Soltec's global operations and a workforce of over 750 people blend experience with innovation. The company has manufacturing facilities in Argentina, Brazil, China, and Spain, as well as offices in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, and the United States. With a strong commitment to renewable energy and the environment, the company is dedicated to innovation, product standardization, and customer success.


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