STI Norland increases by 84% the supply of its solar trackers

The European manufacturer climbs to first position in Brazil, attaining almost 40% of the market share

STI Norland, manufacturer of single-axis solar trackers and fixed structures, has become the top supplier of equipment for PV projects in the whole Southern Hemisphere, according to a report published by the consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

STI Norland supplied 1,558 MW of its equipment for solar plants in 2019, thus exceeding the growth expected for last year. The increase was of 84% compared to 2018, when it supplied 846 MW of solar trackers. These data have made the Spanish company increase its global market share, becoming the sixth largest vendor of solar trackers globally.

"STI Norland's strategy seeks to increase both sales and the supply of solar trackers, already strengthened in 2019, to position ourselves within the top 3 players throughout 2020. The pillars on which we base this strategy are the reliability of our products, excellence in all phases of our value chain, and a firm commitment to helping our customers maximize the production of their PV plants," says Alberto Pérez Echeverría, STI Norland's CEO. "In addition, we were the world's largest supplier of dual-row solar trackers in 2019, a product we pioneered. STI Norland currently supplies the fifth generation of the dual-row tracker, which is highly optimized in line with our customers' needs."

Noteworthy is the performance of the Brazilian subsidiary of the STI Norland Group, becoming the top supplier of the Latin American country with 39 percent of the market share.

STI Norland Brasil's Director Javier Reclusa states that the company has its own manufacturing facilities in the country "which allows us to lower production costs and shorten delivery times. Also, it has helped us obtain the FINAME certification from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, which allows our customers to access to financing under very favorable conditions."

Wood Mackenzie's report on the global market share of solar trackers is published once a year and enjoys an international reputation. Founded in 1923, Wood Mackenzie is a research and consulting group specializing in mining, energy, metal, and chemicals.

STI Norland

STI Norland is an international manufacturer of solar trackers and fixed structures supplying an annual rate of 1.5 GW for large-scale PV projects. Headquartered in Spain, where it was founded in 1996, it has subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, India, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. More information at and our social media profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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