Fuel Cells Drive Other Applications Besides Cars

Imagine your cell phone lasting for 30 days without recharging, or your laptop running continuously for nine hours or more. Wouldn't it be great if it only took seconds to recharge your PDA?

Interview with Amy Taivalkoski

A good site assessment report from a certified assessor enables the installer to make an installation cost estimate without having to go to the site themselves, saving them a possibly long trip.

Pedal Powered Generator

I could have just been riding an exercise bike, or jogging, or lifting weights. Instead, I generated and stored POWER, and I am using it right now to write this article. How totally appropriate.

The Rapid Growth of the Chinese PV Industry

During various sessions of the China tour several Chinese companies presented their plans to extend their production capacity to levels of several hundreds of MW in the coming years. In Beijing and Shanghai 40+ Chinese companies attended brokerage events, where the international delegates could meet their Chinese counterparts and discuss potential business opportunities.

Tips for Using Vertical Space in Your Garden

In this article, we'll discuss how to make the best use of the vertical space you have to create a functional and attractive garden.

USGBC Pilot Testing a Rating System for "Green" Homes

LEED for Homes will attempt to provide national consistency in defining the features of a green home, and will enable builders anywhere in the country to obtain a ‘green' rating for their homes.

Wind Energy & Water Storage Technology

As the cost of conventional sources of electrical generation continues to rise, wind power will continue to experience growth. As the costs rise even more, water storage and other storage technologies will be utilized more and more.


Jadoo Power Co-Founders Recognized for Developing Innovative Portable Fuel Cell Systems

Renewable Energy Must Be Competitive With Oil At $30 A Barrel

Environmentally friendly energy products and technologies, even those based on photovoltaic solar cells, will need to produce energy that is competitively priced in a market where oil costs as little as $30 per barrel.

Solar Night Industries Launches Solar Contractor Supply Market

Solar Night Industries Launches Solar Contractor Supply Market (http://www.solarnightstore.com/installer): Reduces the Barrier from Purchasing Renewable Energy Supplies to Installation

Carmanah Provides Solar-Powered LED Aviation Lights for Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Carmanah has received an order from the Chicago O'Hare International Airport for A601 solar-powered LED red barricade lights. These units will be installed at various locations at the airport, which presently already uses several of Carmanah's aviation lights.


Panel To Discuss Portable Fuel Cells: Are They Ready To Market Now?


Cleantech Venture Network LLC announced today in their Cleantech Venture Monitor' quarterly report. Researchers reported that a six-year high of $513 million in venture capital was invested in cleantech during Q1 2006, representing a 2.3% increase over Q4 2005 and a 52.9% increase over Q1 2005.

European Photovoltaic Industry adopts proactive strategy to develop markets

The members of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association adopted last Saturday, a proactive strategy for their Brussels-based organization with the mandate to further develop European and global markets.

Carmanah Announces Channel Partnership with Major US Distributor for Mobile Solar Power Products

Carmanah has received a $460K initial stocking order from a major US recreational vehicle (RV) distributor for its proprietary Go Power! mobile power product line, including solar charging kits, pure sine wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters and solar power accessories.

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Solar & Wind - Featured Product

LG Solar Unveils NeON R with Enhanced Aesthetics and Energy Savings

LG Solar Unveils NeON R with Enhanced Aesthetics and Energy Savings

The NeON R module features "Back Contact" cell technology delivering an entirely black panel that is aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. The cell's seamless, surface blends perfectly into nearly all rooftop designs while the module's electrodes are positioned on the rear of the cell. Using LG's N-type cell structure, the panels produce 365W of energy, up to 7.3kWp, compared to 5.8kWp of the p-type cell. The module's new design minimizes LID, thereby delivering a longer lifespan and increased energy output.