Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center Installs Renewable Energy System

Solar electric system to help environmental education center protect the environment

RES- Astris News Reports: "New Astris Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Golf Car Launched at Recent Investment Conference".

POWER-GEN Renewable Energy Trade Show Gains Momentum with 70% Growth in Number of Exhibitors

POWER-GEN Renewable Energy 2005 is expected to have over 90 exhibitors and over 1,500 attendees including as many as 100 utilities. 78 companies have already secured booths.

Blue Sky Energy, Inc. Unveils Advanced Charge Controller

The Solar Boost 3024i is a mid-sized 12/24V 30 amp Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller with load control, and is the first in a series of products based Blue Sky Energy's new IPN architecture.

Solectria Corporation Founders Announces Launch Of New Company—Solectria Renewables, LLC

The company is 100% focused on and dedicated to the development and manufacturing of power electronics for photovoltaic and other renewable power generation markets.

Lit from within, LED edge-lit signs enhance road safety while reducing energy use by 90%

Carmanah Technologies Inc. releases new, technically enhanced LED edge-lit street-name and traffic signs that will make night driving easier and safer in North America. Traffic agencies in 12 states have already installed Carmanah's next-generation LED-illuminated roadway signs.

Greening The Urban Village With Horizontal Elevators

Before the advent of the vertical elevator, people were only willing to access 3 or 4 stories of building space. Today, on the threshold of the advent of the "horizontal elevator ", daily shoppers and business patrons will only walk on average, about 300 meters (1,000 feet) from a parking space.

Living Off The Grid

The charge for the connecting to the grid would have amounted to $125,000. whereas the total cost for the Renewable Energy system was $25,000. - a savings of $100,000.!

No More Coals To Newcastle!

The concept of using biodiesel may seem a new one, but it is not. Rudolph Diesel's first engine ran on peanut oil and now, a century later, it seems we are finally learning that natural oils are better for our health, our environment and ultimately our economy than fossil alternatives.

Safety In Numbers: Distributed Generation's

Distributed generation gives building owners the option to generate their own energy in one form or another. Utilities can maintain the system when the building owners do not want to manage it.

Small Hybrid Solar And Wind Energy Systems

The small hybrid solar and wind energy system at NREL's Outdoor Test Facility produces 1,400 watts of power from solar and 900 watts from the wind turbine, enough to power a refrigerator, lights, heaters, air coolers, computers and a radio.

The Hydrogen Economy And Fuel Cells

Fuel cells will be one of the key components in the hydrogen economy. They will replace the internal combustion engine and will convert the future main store of energy (hydrogen) to power when it is needed.

What Is A Green Tag?

Utilities by law, in all 50 States, have to purchase clean energy for every green tag sold. This means that when you buy a Green Tag, you can be assured that somewhere in the grid those electrons were produced using clean power.

Astris Energi Completes Czech Affiliate Purchase

Astris Energi Inc. (OTCBB: ASRNF), the world's leading alkaline fuel cell (AFC) technology company, announced today that it has completed the purchase of its affiliate Astris s.r.o., located in the Czech Republic.

Solar Power blasts electricity costs for new affordable housing development

EcoEnergies completes solar power system for Tierra Encantada affordable housing project in San Jose, CA… but developer wants more!

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