Mosaic Launches PowerSwitch 6, The Next Generation of Home Solar Loans

Residential solar finance innovator announces updated offerings to celebrate six years in business and helping nearly 100,000 households go solar

Iron Edison releases NEW Lithium Battery Line, 4LiFe

Iron Edison is proud to introduce its NEWEST lithium battery for solar, the 4LiFe Lithium Ion Battery. The 4LiFe Lithium Battery can be used as a direct replacement for lead acid batteries. The 4LiFe Battery is designed to simplify battery installation with it's plug-and-play design. The 4LiFe battery can add battery to an existing solar installation, and can be used for a new off-grid or grid-tied solar system coupled with energy storage.

What Can a Solar Integrator do to Maintain and Grow Business

Whether an integrator is just trying to make it day to day or looking for ways to expand, the key is customer satisfaction. This starts with sales. There is a two-way relationship between sales and operations, which is essential to creating satisfied customers.

U.S. Power in 2018: The Good, The Better, and The Gassy

The first numbers on last year's energy trends are in and there are two pieces of great news and one that should worry us: Solar and wind energy are thriving, coal-fired generation sunk to a four-decade low - but natural gas infrastructure is expanding.

David Blittersdorf Launches Pre-Owned Renewable Energy Equipment Marketplace

RENewed Wind and Solar Provides Consumers with a New Opportunity to Purchase High Quality Pre-owned, Refurbished, and Never-before-used Renewable Energy Equipment

Chint Power Systems PV Inverters Provide Rapid Shutdown with Tigo's UL Certification

The compatible solution of smart MLPE and commercial inverters are compliant with NEC 690.12 2017 throughout North America

Solar Energy Overtakes Fossil Fuels - Green Solar Founder Nicki Zvik Comments

Solar finally rises above fossil fuels as a source of energy.

Going Green: Homes with Solar Panels Sell for 4.1% More

A new Zillow® analysis shows homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1 percent more on average than others nationwide in the past year[ii]. The sale premium varies by market - 5.4 percent in New York, 4.4 percent in San Francisco and 3.6 percent in Los Angeles.

Miller Brothers Selects Power Factors as Its Technical Asset Management and Field Service Management Partner

Firms Sign Five-Year Technology Agreement

LiDAR Technology Guides Measure's Automated, High Definition Wind Turbine Inspections

The LiDAR system that is mounted on the drone is used not only to navigate close to the blade but also to obtain spatial information about the blade. After a mission is completed, the data import process associates each image with the corresponding spatial information...

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Partners with Fraunhofer ISE

Collaboration aims to optimize accelerated testing protocols for c-Si solar panels

New Multi-year Features of HOMER Grid Design Software Enable Solar+Storage Developers to Predict Financial Impacts of Utility Tariff Increases

The Multi-year Analysis is a key tool for testing ways that distributed energy projects are likely to perform decades from now.

Oil Prices Continue to Rise while Solar Prices Drop Even Lower

Oil prices are on the rise again. Green Solar Technologies Founder, Nicki Zvik, comments on the topic.

Enphase Energy Service Program for Early Adopters Reaches Milestone and Expands

Coalition of solar nonprofits organize national week of solar education events "Solar Education Week"

RE-volv, Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign, GRID Alternatives, Vote Solar, The ClimateMusic Project, Solar United Neighbors, and The Redford Center activate communities across the country to harness the power of clean energy in week leading up to Earth Day

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Solar & Wind - Featured Product

Baja’s Full Cantilever Carports for Optimal Coverage and Performance

Baja's Full Cantilever Carports for Optimal Coverage and Performance

Baja Carports offers an extensive solar support system product line customized to customers' site specifications by in-house engineers, meeting their parking lot coverage, plus optimal PV production needs. Baja's Full Cantilever Tee is often paired with its Semi and Full Cantilever carports to meet live/loads up to 60psf and wind speeds to 160mph. All Baja products are pre-fabricated, bolted connections, pre-galvanized structural steel for fast on-site installation and project aesthetic requirements."