Here are some developments in the Fuel Cell Industry provided for us by

Fuel Cell Technology Update |

Fuel Cell Technology Update
Here are some developments in the Fuel Cell Industry provided for us by
Fuel Cell Technology Update


Honda Introduces Next Generation FCX.

In September, Honda unveiled its next-generation FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle.  The FCX Concept features a newly developed compact, high-efficiency Honda fuel cell stack as well as a low-floor, low-riding, short-nose body. Limited marketing of a totally new fuel cell vehicle based on this concept model is set to begin in 2008 in Japan and the U.S.    


Veloform Demonstrates Fuel Cell Bike.

Veloform demonstrated its City Cruiser II, a 3-wheel electric bicycle powered by fuel cells.  The CityCruiser II uses the commercially available EFOY fuel cells manufactured by SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG.


FTA Awards $49 Million in Grants for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Development.

The Federal Transit Authority announced $49 million in federal grants for projects to explore new ways to successfully commercialize hydrogen fuel cell buses. Three nonprofit organizations from around the country were competitively selected: the Center for Transportation and the Environment in Atlanta, the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium in Boston and Westart/CALSTART of Pasadena, California.



Home is Where the Hydrogen Is.

The first solar-hydrogen residence in North America is up and running in Hopewell, New Jersey.  The system uses Sharp photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity that powers a Proton Energy Systems electrolyzer.  The electrolyzer produces hydrogen that is stored and when needed, used in a Plug Power GenCore® fuel cell.

NASA to Commission Eight Plug Power Units.

Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, will commission eight Plug Power GenSys® systems.   The units will provide grid-connected power for portions of the lab facility for aerospace research and development. Projects carried out within the facility include testing of materials, coatings, seals and airfoils for space vehicles, as well as advanced technology development to improve aviation safety.

GE Delivers SOFC.

GE Global Research has successfully developed and delivered a 6-kW prototype of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system to the U.S Department of Energy (DOE)/National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) for testing as part of a multi-year research program under the Department's Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) Coal-Based Systems program.

Milk Does a Fuel Cell Good, FCE Sells Fuel Cell to Resort.

FuelCell Energy will supply a 750-kW Direct FuelCell® power plant that will run on a renewable supply of fuel from dairy-processing waste.  The fuel cell will generate electricity to power a municipal wastewater treatment plant serving California's San Joaquin Valley region.  FuelCell Energy also sold to a 750-kW Direct FuelCell® power plant premier hospitality and entertainment resort, making it FuelCell Energy's third hotel and lodging site in California.  The fuel cell will provide base load power around the clock for hotel operations, and will transform the plant's heat byproduct into hot water for the guests, adding to the system's overall operating efficiency.


Plug Power Signs Agreement with Russian Company.

Plug Power has signed a Strategic Partner Agreement (SPA) with the national innovation company New Energy Projects (NIC NEP) to collaborate on technology and market development efforts in Russia.

ReliOn Receives CE Approval for Fuel Cell Products.

ReliOn has received CE approval for its T-1000™ and T-2000™ fuel cell solutions.  ReliOn's hydrogen fuel cell products provide backup power between 600 Watts and 12 kilowatts to communications applications.

Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI), a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational organization formed to promote the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free, efficient energy generation, storage and utilization technologies and fuels.

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