The development of PV systems in the last 10 years has been dedicated mainly to grid-tied systems. Meanwhile all-rural electrification systems have remained basically the same for the past 20 years. However, Yake Solar has engineered a new approach to PV rural electrification.

Off-Grid PV Systems

Dr. Juan Antonio Alabart Guerra | Yakes Solar

What is the size of the PV rural electrification market?

According to the United Nations, there are more than 1.5 billion people without electricity in the world, which creates a large potential market for any off-grid PV system.

How have PV systems advanced in the last few decades?

The development of PV systems in the last 10 years has been dedicated mainly to grid-tied systems. Meanwhile all-rural electrification systems have remained basically the same for the past 20 years. However, Yake Solar has engineered a new approach to PV rural electrification.

Regarding PV off-grid systems, there have been noticeable increases in the efficiency of the solar cells, significant improvements in the reliability and efficiency of inverters, self-regulating charge controllers, maintenance free lead batteries of AGM and Gel.

Some countries have implemented their own labs to certify the quality standards of solar equipment but nothing will guarantee an accurate installation or the efficiency of a solar system as a whole.

What are the most common problems with off-grid systems?

Three of the most common mistakes regarding PV installations are:

  • Miscalculated designs or designs that do not properly compliment the load of the user. 
  • Installers, most of the time, are not qualified personnel and cannot always find the right components or materials used in the original design.
  • Use of Open type batteries that require maintenance, which are rarely maintained.

In addition, rural electrification is usually installed in isolated places with limited access and most of the time and installation is done by under qualified personnel that received a brief introduction of the installation of the product. This allows room for mistakes at the time of the installation and could end up in a system functionality failure. 

Finally, bids for these types of systems are broken down into four basic components: solar panels, batteries, controllers and inverters. But usually they do not include the other secondary components, such as; breakers, protection fuses, cables and structure support. These are normally purchased in retail markets that do not comply with the specifications or may offer the product at a very high price. 

What are Yake Solar system advantages?

Yake Solar products provide an affordable solution for PV rural electrification by implementing smart designs, plug-and-play functionality and virtually maintenance free off-grid PV systems.

  • You do not need specialized staff to install Yake Solar Systems. Our easy to understand manuals with step-by-step graphics are simple to follow to end use satisfaction.
  • Our products range from 25wp to 1600wp, which covers 80% of all rural projects. Yake’s versatile systems fit in any home, school, medical facilities or numerous rural places.
  • Easy plug and play cable connection systems that will avoid polarity mistakes, destruction of equipment and guarantee a quick installation (that saves up to 80% of installation time compared to a conventional system).
  • Knockdown rack structures that fit on flat roofs, ground mounts and variable inclination angles according to the area.
  • Efficiency, our components used along with a proper design and the precise connection elements allows an increase in the efficiency of a system up to a 10-20%. 
  • Implementation of high-efficiency LED bulbs as part of our small systems helps minimize the cost and power efficiency of the products.

On our WEBSITE ( you will notice the words EASY...MORE… repeatedly. This is not a simple slogan, it’s a complete design concept used in our new line of products. Products that will revolutionize the concept of PV rural electrification around the globe and that will take part in some of the most important renewable energy projects worldwide.

What can you expect from the new line of products?

Our new line of YAKea and YAKit products will form part of the solution; a needed change to some of those darker and isolated places bringing light, a bright future and the benefits of an interconnected modern world.

Yake Solar is the only company worldwide that has designed a complete line of off grid PV systems, each system with plug and play functionality, able to give a solution to over 80% of rural electrification projects.

What are the experiences with the new line of Yake Solar products?

For past two years we have been developing and testing our products in our labs and in remote areas of different countries. We have been working with companies that have been in this business for over 20 years and have extensive experience in rural solar energy. Taking into account all the previously mentioned difficulties with these projects, it is not easy to make the change to systems such as ours, but once you do it is all worth it.   Once you see how much easier the instillation is and how many benefits this can lead to. We are working on products that we will believe completely revolutionize the rural electrification market.

What are the comparisons to Yake Solar products to others in the industry?

Many of you may remember that around 20 years ago there was no such thing as administrative software or computers as we know them today. We used to higher a technician to help purchase and install the separate components that make up a computers CPU. We would then higher a programmer to make the companies own software and administrative systems. This old practice has basically changed over night, you can now walk into a store and purchase already premade, exactly the equipment and software that you need.

The time for rural electrification to change has arrived; this should mark the start of something great. We invite you to visit our website to know more about our products at Here you will find a video on our YAKea-500, to better understand the benefits of our system.

Do you have a program for your distributors?

We are implementing a new 5 by 5 Distributor Program that will consist of the following topics:

  • The 5 Main Technical facts
  • The 5 Main Marketing Techniques
  • The 5 Main Products for Rural Markets 
  • The 5 Main Needs of Rural Markets 
  • The 5 Required Technical Support Capacities


Biography of Dr. Juan Antonio Alabart Guerra:

Dr. Juan Antonio Alabart Guerra is the International Technical Director and Co-founder of Yake Solar Power Corp., were he oversees the development of revolutionary photovoltaic solar products. He brings more than 25 years of experience and leadership in every aspect of rural electrification in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and the USA.

Prior to Yake Solar, Mr. Alabart served as lead project manager at CVC Soluciones y Servicios C.A. located in Caracas. He was responsible for the development and implementation of solar panels, wind turbines, solar water purification and other photovoltaic systems across Venezuela--valuing over $24 million. This same solar energy project is worth $51 million today.

His experience in academia and government lead renewable energy initiatives is impressive. Mr. Alabart directed the Wind Energy division at the IDEA Instituto para la Diversificacion y Ahorro de la Energia, a member of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for the government of Spain from 1991-1996. Here he developed 13 photovoltaic rural electrification projects with joint institutions in India, Spain, Germany and Austria. He has also authored numerous scientific articles for prestigious international magazines. In addition, Mr. Alabart is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at various events worldwide, including the World Solar Energy Congress in Budapest, the Center of Investigation of Solar Energy in Denmark and Solar Power International in Dallas.

Mr. Alabart received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and PhD of Technical Science from V. P. Goryachkin Institute of Agricultural Production Engineering in Moscow, Russia in 1987.  


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