High Tech High Chula Vista strives to empower its students to ask the big questions and make big changes in the world. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues in our world, making solar energy one of the most effective responses that HTHCV has at its disposal.

High Tech High Goes Solar

Daniel Sullivan and Paul Dooley | Sullivan Solar Power


Why was going solar important for High Tech High?

“High Tech High Chula Vista strives to empower its students to ask the big questions and make big changes in the world.  Climate change is one of the most pressing issues in our world, making solar energy one of the most effective responses that HTHCV has at its disposal.  In addition, going solar has created a positive learning experience for the school. The system will meet the energy needs of the school. The system is expected to produce over 327,000 kWh each year, significantly reducing the school's energy costs. The solar system, which is comprised of 719 Kyocera 270-Watt panels, was installed on both the carports and the rooftop of the school.”

– Daniel Sullivan, Founder and President of Sullivan Solar Power


“High Tech High is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our students while creating a positive environment to learn.”

– Paul Dooley, HTH Director of Facilities


What are the long-term benefits of High Tech High going solar?

“The system will deliver significant financial savings and protect the school from rising electricity costs. In addition to these financial benefits, the solar system will support HTHCV in building a campus that sets a high standard for sustainability.  By going solar, High Tech High will save over 10 million pounds of greenhouse gas throughout the next 20 years. This is equivalent to eliminating the consumption of over 10,500 barrels of oil.”

– Daniel Sullivan


How will solar benefit High Tech High students?

“An objective of High Tech High Chula Vista is to ensure that students have the opportunity to create change in their communities. The solar system will create educational opportunities for students. Students will be able to bring their science, technology, engineering and mathematical knowledge into practice by learning how solar energy works. The substantial financial savings will support the school in its mission to support an innovative public school where all students develop the academic, workplace, and citizenship skills required for postsecondary success.”

– Daniel Sullivan


“This solar project will support our commitment to our students while also delivering financial savings which can be reinvested into the school.”

– Paul Dooley


Why is sustainability a priority for High Tech High?

“Sustainability provides both economic and environmental benefits, which ultimately create greater benefits for the current and future students of the school. This is the second installation that Sullivan Solar Power has completed at the school. The first installation was completed as part of the Sustainable Communities Program, created in 2004 to promote the use of clean energy generation technology. This program rewarded the school with a lease payment in return for use of the facilities’ roof space to accommodate the solar panels. However, the most recent installation represents the first behind the meter solar system at the campus and will result in a direct reduction of electricity costs for HTH Chula Vista.”

– Daniel Sullivan


Why should other schools consider going solar?

“Schools have significant energy costs which are consistently increasing due to inevitable rate escalations and the integration of technology as a learning tool. By going solar, schools can reduce their electricity costs and reinvest the savings into the programming and its students. Going solar can create many educational opportunities for schools. Students can see how sunlight is transferred into electricity and learn about the environmental benefits of solar energy. Schools often have a large amount of roof space and available space for carports which are both optimal for solar installations. Going solar is a cost-effective way to deliver on schools’ sustainability goals and help the planet fight climate change. As a consequence of these factors, there has been significant growth in the number of schools who are going solar. “

– Daniel Sullivan


What other solar projects is Sullivan Solar Power working on?

“In August 2016, Sullivan Solar Power completed the largest solar project in the company’s 12-year history – a 1.27MW-AC project across six schools for the Encinitas Union School District. The estimated 25-year savings from the combined 1.27 MW solar project will save the district $21 million.”

– Daniel Sullivan


Daniel Sullivan is the Founder and President of Sullivan Solar Power. Paul Dooley is High Tech Highs Director of Facilities

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