Intersolar & EES North America run July 10th - 13th in San Francisco, California. This Special Tradeshow report aims to bring you news, articles and products from this years events. - Special Tradeshow Coverage of Intersolar & EES

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About Intersolar & EES North America

Since its establishment in 2008, Intersolar North America has become the most attended solar event and the premier networking platform for the North American solar industry. Co-located with ees North America and SEMICON West, it takes place annually at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, the United States’ pioneering solar market.The event’s exhibition and conference both focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage and solar thermal technologies. Since being founded, Intersolar has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the global solar industry. A total of 554 exhibitors and more than 18,000 trade visitors participated in Intersolar North America in 2016. The conference featured 39 sessions and 23 workshops with more than 200 speakers.

With ees (electrical energy storage), we have created a professional platform for the energy storage industry to showcase companies’ achievements and innovations, and to establish connections with new, emerging markets. ees is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users of stationary and mobile electrical energy storage solutions. 

Visit the Intersolar North America website.

Visit the EES North America website.

Visit the Intersolar Europe website.

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This article will assist you in finding what you are interested in at Intersolar &EES.


At Intersolar & EES North America:

Innovation and Application Stage:  Those wanting to discover the international solar industry’s latest trends and hottest technologies should visit the "Innovation and Application Stage", where exhibitors showcase their innovations during 30-minute presentations. Furthermore, the Innovation & Application Stage will feature free training programs as well as the AWARD finalists presentations of their projects and innovations.  More Details:
Conference Program:  Intersolar conferences provide the solar and energy industries with platforms for sharing information and strategies. In collaboration with speakers, participants and partners, we shape the energy supply of the future. International experts discuss technological trends and market developments, as well as new business models and financing solutions.  More Details:
NABCEP Installation Workshops:  NABCEP, Intersolar and ees selected 8 exhibiting companies to offer in-depth technical training workshops and hands-on product workshops. Attendees will earn 2 NABCEP CEUs for each two-hour workshop and 1 NABCEP CEU for each one-hour workshop. These workshops keep you up to speed on the latest technologies and best practices for the design, installation, and maintenance of code-compliant PV and storage systems.
Track 1: Roof Top
  • Quick Mount PV Solar Roofing Best Practices & Intro to Rail-free Racking
  • Roof Tech Inc. Rail-less PV Mounting with Integrated Flashing in Asphalt Pitched Roofs with Roof Tech's RT-[E] Mount
  • SolarRoofHook Making Solar More Affordable Through Innovation

More Details:


Tesla Factory Tour - Sponsored by NorCal Solar:  Experience firsthand the manufacturing of this world-famous company's unique electric cars. Tesla will use an electric tram to transport you around the facilities, as they show you the individual manufacturing steps as well as the overall assembly process. Hundreds of employees work side-by-side with robots to create a distinctive working atmosphere.  More Details:

Summerfest - 2017 Champions of Solar:  This year's event will be at AT&T Park, home of our world champion San Francisco baseball team! With over 2,000 solar professionals expected to attend, this is the perfect venue to unwind from the day or continue business discussions. Summerfest will take place on the same night as the MLB All-Star Game which will be broadcasted live on the jumbotron for all to enjoy.  More Details:


Solar Winery and Microgrid Tour:  This all-day tour—happening the Friday after Intersolar closes—will offer a unique opportunity to see truly cutting-edge solar, hydrogen, microturbine, microgrid, battery, and electronic controls technology AND sample some Napa area wines!   More Details:


Click here for the Full list of Exhibitors at Intersolar & EES North America:

Click here for the Full list of Exhibitors at Intersolar & EES Europe:



Visit Sponsors at the show:


EcoFasten Solar® - Booth #9433



SolarRoofHook - Booth #9645


LG Solar 


Darfon Solar - Booth #8533

DPW Solar - Booth #9449

Quick Mount PV - Booth #9411

Roof Tech - Booth #9638 & Europe A4.230

Solar FlexRack - Booth #9617

Seaward Group - Booth #L8001

SolarEdge Technologies - Booth #9421 & Europe B3.110, B3.111

Parker Hannifin - Booth #8141 ees & Europe B2.259 ees

Rolls Battery - Booth #8251 ees & Europe B1.255 ees

Kipp & Zonen Inc. - Europe A4.420

Lufft Inc - Europe A3.460

KACO new energy Inc.Europe B3.230


Click here for the Full list of Exhibitors at Intersolar & EES North America:

Click here for the Full list of Exhibitors at Intersolar & EES Europe:

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