My favorite feature of the RE-VOLT battery is the LCD display located on the front of the battery. The LED screen gives the State of Charge, Cell Voltages, and Fault Code information with just a few clicks through the menu.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Q&A with Maggie Williams, Owner | Iron Edison Battery Company

Tell us about yourself and your role with Iron Edison.

My name is Maggie Williams, and I am one of the owners of Iron Edison. My husband, Brandon Williams, and I started as a husband-and-wife team in our spare bedroom selling Nickel-Iron batteries more than 10 years ago. Iron Edison is now located in a large warehouse in Denver, Colorado and we have ten employees. 

At Iron Edison, we believe in energy independence and helping our customers achieve freedom from the utility companies. Our goal is to provide our customers with a high quality, long-lasting battery, that is right for their unique project. 

We have three kids, and by implementing a solar and battery system at our home, we are able to keep our lights on and our family safe from any power disruptions. I feel everyone should have that type of power security, which is why I believe in our product and what we do. Plus, owning a solar and battery system helps the environment by decreasing greenhouse gases, making the world a better place for future generations.     


You have recently released a 5th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the RE-VOLT.  Tell us what makes this generation different from past versions?

We are so excited about our latest lithium battery, the RE-VOLT.  Compared to previous batteries, it is much smaller, lighter and easier to install, while still using the safest lithium chemistry, lithium iron phosphate. The RE-Volt can hang on the wall or can be conveniently stacked on a battery rack, allowing the customer more versatility when setting up their batteries. 


What are some important features of the battery?

My favorite feature of the RE-VOLT battery is the LCD display located on the front of the battery.  The LED screen gives the State of Charge, Cell Voltages, and Fault Code information with just a few clicks through the menu.  


What inverters are these batteries compatible with?

The RE-Volt Batteries work with Sol-Ark, Schneider, Outback, Victron, Magnum, and SMA.


What benefits can installers expect when selling the RE-Volt?  

Installers can expect a low price and an easy installation with the RE-Volt Battery. The plug and play nature of this system is the direct result of valuable feedback we’ve gathered over the years from our partners and customers. Aesthetically, it looks nice and clean without the usual rats nests of cabling. Functionally, its built in touch screen and battery management system make it easy to use.  In addition, our team can help with any questions during the installation process.


Tell us about the cycle life, warranty and where to purchase the battery.

The RE-Volt comes with a 10 year warranty, with full replacement within the first 2 years.  Even though Iron Edison offers a 10 year warranty, the RE-Volt battery should last 20 years if operated properly.  The RE-Volt Battery has 8000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge. After 8000 cycles, the battery will still have 75% of its capacity left.

Iron Edison offers a Partner Program, so reach out to us for more information.  You can buy online at or call us at 720-432-6433 to sign up for our Partner Program.


During this pandemic, share with us how Iron Edison was able to continue to innovate under the circumstances.

We are supporting our team by having most of our employees work remotely. We have a few employees in the warehouse to fulfill orders, but social distancing and mask-wearing are required at all times. Our sales office used to be an open floor concept which we quickly reconfigured for anyone who is working in the office. We strive to have the safest environment possible and have now purchased cubicles and air filtration systems. Our office is regularly deep cleaned, and sanitizer is provided at each workspace as well as the common areas. Forging ahead, our goals are continued growth, expansion of our product line, and commitment to creating more jobs. At Iron Edison, we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service and providing the latest and greatest in battery technology.


What are you optimistic about Renewable Energy in 2021 and beyond?  

I’m really encouraged by the increased awareness towards renewable energy on a number of different fronts. Whether it be minimizing environmental impact, furthuring home security, or simply trying to save some money: there are so many different avenues that all head towards families pursuing energy independence which has always been at the heart of what we do. I’m particularly excited about how much more accessible renewable energy systems are becoming. With technological advancements like the ease of use we see with the RE-Volt at a manageable cost, it's making energy independence a much more achievable reality for a lot of families.


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