This project, like most, came with its share of challenges and requests from a discerning homeowner who wanted top quality. The ask: plan and install a solar system to handle the high electricity needs of this large home with a customized design and clean aesthetics.

Custom Installation Creates Net Zero SoCal Home
Custom Installation Creates Net Zero SoCal Home

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Orange County Solar, Irvine, CA - Panasonic Elite Installer
  • Property type: Ultra-modern 6,700 square foot home in Orange County, CA
  • Solar products used: 60 Panasonic HIT® 330-watt black panels, SolarEdge microinverters with P400 optimizers
  • Power production: 19.8kW, estimated to generate 2,700 kWh of power monthly


This project, like most, came with its share of challenges and requests from a discerning homeowner who wanted top quality, no exceptions. The ask: plan and install a solar system to handle the high electricity needs of this large home with a customized design and clean aesthetics.

You can understand why, considering the large home is located in a prestigious Orange County community and remodeled in an ultra-modern style. The knife’s-edge infinity pool and detached entertainment house are luxurious, but also use a considerable amount of power.

“The customer wanted a completely symmetrical design to match the home’s style, and all exterior conduit run through walls and not visible,” said Vince Curcie, chief executive officer at Orange County Solar.

These folks embody the type of customer that needs solar: someone that cares about the environment and appreciates how the aesthetics of solar can add to a home's design. Vincent Curcie, CEO, Orange County Solar



Since the solar panels needed to match the home’s artistic design, Panasonic black modules with all black frames, skirts and mounting equipment, were a perfect match. For further custom work, this is where expert Panasonic installers go above and beyond. 

OCS technicians got creative. They were able to run wiring through narrow attic and interior walls, out of sight, and repaired stucco work for a completely custom installation. “We even hid some electrical equipment and optimizers with new plants and shrubbery,” said Curcie 

Panels on roof



OC Battery


panels on roof



The home’s reliance on the utility grid has been reduced by 100%, virtually eliminated. The system is beating all contractually estimated production goals. The home is now net zero, which means it produces as much renewable energy as it uses, has a zero energy bill, and boasts a substantially reduced carbon footprint. 

To date, this solar system has saved well over 55,000kg of CO2, which is the equivalent of avoiding greenhouse gas emissions from 138,000 miles driven by an average passenger car or CO2 emissions from nearly 6,200 gallons of gasoline.

But that’s not all. “This ended up turning out to be one of our most beautiful installations,” said Curcie.

Not only will the customer save money with their solar system, but it will add to the modern design of the home. “Solar made sense, not just from a financial standpoint, but from an aesthetic standpoint as well,” Curcie said.


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Panasonic Solar

Panasonic Solar

Since 1918, Panasonic has powered more than a century of innovations with dependable, trusted technologies for everyday life. Panasonic authorized installers deliver best-in-class solar and battery storage technology with a hassle-free process to residential and small commercial customers. With their best-in-class EVERVOLT® solar panels and home batteries working together, the Panasonic Total Home Energy System lets homeowners produce and store their own energy for use now and later. All with zero emissions, zero worries and a comprehensive 25-year warranty on panels (12 years on battery storage).

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