The installation by South Sound Solar includes 198 Silfab Elite 380-Watt premium black on black solar panels, secured with SnapNRack racking system with S-5 clamps to the standing seam of the metal roof and paired with four 14 kW SolarEdge Inverters.

Sunflower Community Solar Project
Sunflower Community Solar Project

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The Sunflower Community Solar project is helping provide clean energy to empower sustainable solutions to benefit local communities. The project was headed by partners Olympia Community Solar and South Sound Solar, both located in Olympia, Washington. The Sunflower Community Solar project is a community-owned solar project where Olympia Community Solar invited the public to purchase or donate subscriptions to the project’s energy generation. More than 400 solar units were purchased and or donated to fund the system, with the project’s ownership consisting of 58 individuals and 14 non-profits.

The installation by South Sound Solar includes 198 Silfab Elite 380-Watt premium black on black solar panels, secured with SnapNRack racking system with S-5 clamps to the standing seam of the metal roof and paired with four 14 kW SolarEdge Inverters. The system also includes an online production monitoring system and a solar educational display. The Sunflower project will produce 78 MWh per year, offsetting 100% of the Farmer’s Market’s electricity needs.


“Our team is proud to support the Washington economy by purchasing locally manufactured solar panels. Silfab Solar panels have excellent quality, an industry-leading warranty, and their black-on-black style looks sleek and sexy on any roof.”




Olympia Community Solar’s mission is to steward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy. Their team works to support local non-profits, public entities, and Tribes to install solar, supporting Washingtonian homeowners to install solar, and promoting state policies to create equitable clean energy laws. Olympia Community Solar’s successful projects in the past include a community solar project at the Hands-On Children’s Museum and solarize group purchasing campaigns that help hundreds of residential customers access solar. In the 2022 legislative session, their team championed House Bill 1814, which created Washington’s first low-income solar incentive program.

South Sound Solar has installed thousands of systems and is a leader in full-service commercial and residential solar engineering, design, and installations. South Sound Solar is committed to sourcing and working with companies that have rigid quality control standards and outstanding customer service to provide their homeowners with quality made in America materials and equipment. Their team recently completed a 126 kW solar installation on the low-income housing project Merrritt Manor, and will soon begin construction on a 69 kW system on a local tiny-home village.

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