The MLPE mount provides flexibility to install the MLPE device on the underside of the module frame at desired locations so wire management is simplified. The tab feature eliminates hassle

Simplifying Solar Module Installation

Product Q&A with | S-5!

Tell us about your product and what you feel sets it apart from similar products.

The S-5! MLPE Mount™ provides a cost-effective method for attaching module-level power electronics (MLPE) directly to solar PV module frames. Designed for use with most solar modules, the MLPE Mount secures optimizers and microinverters along the underside of the module frame in about 10 seconds. This provides the versatility needed to better handle module-to-module wire management and electrically bonds the equipment together to easily comply with grounding requirements. 

And with a 304 stainless steel body and fastener, there are no corrosion issues to worry about. Ideal for use with all S-5!'s solar attachments, the MLPE Mount can be used in rail-based installations or can be paired with the PVKIT® rail-less solar mounting solution for direct attachment to metal roofs.

The main differentiator feature is a unique tab that makes installation quick and easy, and less likely to rotate during installation.


Tell us about the R&D behind this product. Who is this product designed for? What problem is it solving?

We were looking for a simple and cost-effective way to quickly secure optimizers and microinverters to PV frames for rail-less solar installations. With its unique teeth and tab design, S-5!’s MLPE Mount secures MLPE devices to module frames with ease without rotation; then penetrates anodization layers and embeds into the frame for superior grip, electric bonding, and grounding (earthing). These features, together with its adjustable grip, make it a universal solution, which means only one product is needed for mounting optimizers and micro inverters onto most PV module frames. The MLPE Mount is a UL2703-certified component, making it a world-class product. In traditional fashion, we wanted something better—simple, easy—and low cost.


Who is this product designed for?

The product is designed for solar developers, EPCs, installers and end-users who desire an economical, flexible and easy-to-install MLPE mounting device for PV modules frames, without having to rely on attaching to rails. As always, with the installer in mind, we also wanted to offer something versatile, quick and easy to use. The installers will love this alternative.


What problem is it solving? 

The MLPE mount provides flexibility to install the MLPE device on the underside of the module frame at desired locations so wire management is simplified. The tab feature eliminates hassle—one hand can easily position the MLPE device on the frame, while the other hand tightens the bolt to secure it—done!


Give us an idea on the installation process.

It is best to install MLPEs to the module frames during module preparation on the ground or at a designated prep area on a roof. The actual installation is very easy and straightforward. Attach the MLPE Mount to the MLPE adaptor plate; then place the assembly with one hand onto the frame while tightening with the other hand and the proper tool. A unique tab feature makes installation quick and easy, preventing rotation of the MLPE as the mount is tightened. 


How is your company set up to support the users of your products.

S-5! provides ongoing live tech support and training (instruction sheets, video, field and technical support) for its complete product line. 


What feedback have you received from the field? 

Our MLPE Mount has been a welcome solution to easily install MLPE devices on a PV module frame where needed. We have confirmation that our tab feature allows the installer to position the device with one hand and tighten it with the other. Every installer we have spoken to loves it.



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In 1992, S-5! invented the very market space of manufactured roof attachment solutions. S-5!'s clamps and brackets are engineered for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial solar installations on exposed-fastened and standing seam metal roofing. The company has a portfolio of more than 5+ GigaWatts of rooftop solar arrays, including many Fed-Ex and Walmart buildings; 700 Costco stores in eight countries; international airports; and corporate headquarters for Google, IBM, NATO, NREL and Apple. S-5! technologies are also affordable for domestic applications with more than 15,000 such solar installations in 50 countries.

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