MAGE SOLAR Modules Power Western Michigan University EV-Test Project

50kW solar photovoltaic installation equipped with charging stations for 15 electric vehicles. Students to investigate correlation of array tilt and energy yield.



Wind turbine manufacturers say U.S. market will grow in time

The wind energy market in the U.S. will stay alive with or without an extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), say executives from eight of the largest wind turbine manufacturers with a U.S. presence. During a June 6 session focused on large wind turbines during WindPower 2012, executives from Gamesa, GE (NYSE: GE), Goldwind, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Nordex, Siemens (NYSE: SI), Suzlon and Vestas expressed that they view the U.S. wind market as a strong one. The U.S., currently the No. 2 wind market in the world, installed 6,810 MW in 2011. This year is expected to be a record-breaking year for installations, as the expiration of the PTC requires developers to complete projects by year end. All eight executives agreed that 2012 will likely see anywhere from 9 to 12 GW of wind power installations. Beyond 2012, the market is likely to slow, but the panelists said that won’t keep their companies from staying in the U.S. The wind energy market could be down 80 percent next year, said Duncan Koerbel, interim CEO of Suzlon. “But Suzlon is in this for the longest of the long hauls. If you’re going to be in wind, you have to be in North America.”

SMA Releases First UL Certified Solar Inverters with AFCI to the North American Solar Market

Integrated Solution Meets NEC 2011 Arc Fault Requirements

Conservation Services Group Worker Wins Career Advancement Award from Boston Civic Group

Haitian immigrant Nesli Francois arrived in the U.S. less than four years ago with limited English and job skills. In just two years, he learned English, received job training in building science and weatherization and has risen from entry level-worker to energy professional.

MECASOLAR launches new 140kWp horizontal single-axis tracker

It stands out because it is easier and faster to install and increases output by 30% as compared to fixed mount systems. · It has up to 12 axes driven by a single motor. Each axis can carry up to 48 modules. · This means each solar panel can reach a power of 140kWp and an area of 960m2. · The assembly of beams, girders and other parts in the facility is made with fastening devices (without welding), which reduces installation and machinery costs. · As of the end of last year, the multinational company had manufactured and supplied 343 MW in trackers installed in 498 solar PV farms worldwide since its establishment. · The company has manufacturing plants in Spain, Greece, USA, Canada and India, and branches in UK, Germany, France, Australia, Thailand and China.

SCHOTT Xensation™ Cover Glass Coming to a Device Near You

SCHOTT Xensation™ Cover glass, the strongest cover glass available on the market today, will soon be appearing in consumer electronic devices everywhere.

Conergy Solar Large Projects Group installs solar electric system for Kirschenman Enterprises

First installation using Conergy's "Elevated Agricultural Solar Structure" Concept

Westinghouse Solar and CBD Energy to Distribute Systems in Australia

The Australian market enjoys a sound regulatory environment for solar, and provides an opportunity for us to grow revenue in a non-US market devoid of risk of punitive tariffs

AMSC Receives Exclusive Right to Fundamental HTS Patent

License Covers Basic Material, Wire and Applications, Furthering AMSC's Market Leadership

SunSi Readies for Entree Into the Lucrative Renewable Energy Market

Sees Significant Opportunities to Expand TPE's Heat Recovery Technology

Geostellar Raises Funds to Help Turn Energy Consumers into Producers

Investment From NRG Energy, GeoEye, and Flash Forward Ventures Will Fund Roll-out to Major Solar Energy Markets


This science fiction sounding technology uses superconducting magnets to strip electrons from high energy plasma jets, and generate power with no moving parts.


Smart modules will be on display at Intersolar Europe

New US EPA Proposal for Notification Regarding Dangerous Chemicals

On March 20th, 2012, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced proposals for a Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) in regards to five chemicals targeted for significant new use requirements under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

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