Dutch and Belgian Investors’ Syndicate ready to lead the World Bio-Methanol Production

A Belgian and Dutch investors’ consortium, after acquiring a methanol plant in the Netherlands, is equipped to transform the plant into the 1st bio-methanol plant in the world.

International PV Trade Mission to Italy and Greece from 4-9 March 2007

Will the attractive financial incentive schemes in Italy and Greece create new, booming PV markets in Europe? The purpose of the "PV Business Tour Italy-Greece 2007" from 4 to 9 March is to get an answer to this question.

Solar cells and modules: "Made in China" will come our way

What do you see when you turn around a toy in a toy store? Now, how far away will this "Made in China" dominance be in the solar industry?

Clean Energy Deal Volume Hits $100bn

Renewable energy and low-carbon technology industries are on course to set a new record of more than $100bn worth of financing transactions over the course of 2006, according to New Energy Finance, the leading specialist provider of financial information and research on investment in clean energy.

African Legislators Meet to Discuss Climate Actions

Last month, nineteen national legislators from thirteen African and European countries met in Kenya to discuss how to take action on climate challenges while ensuring that everyone has access to energy.

Climate Policy Could Hinder Renewable Energy

When it comes to designing the mechanism that will drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, air regulators and renewable energy producers hold conflicting viewpoints. As a result, it is possible that new federal climate change policies may do more harm than good for renewable energy.

Green Energy TV To Share Green Energy Success Stories with Viewers Worldwide

GreenEnergyTV.com To Share Green Energy Success Stories with Viewers Worldwide.

Take the '6° Challenge' - 'Energy Diet' New Year

As U.S. consumers vow to diet as part of their New Year's resolutions, the Alliance to Save Energy urges them to adopt an easier-to-keep "energy diet" resolution with an ongoing payoff, even if they "fall off the wagon."

ICP Solar Announces Tejas Solares Agreement and New Office in Madrid

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. have signed an agreement to begin supplying solar energy solutions to Tejas Solares of Spain. ICP is also opening its EMEA - PAC offices in Madrid, effective immediately.



Canada commits to double green power within four years

The federal energy department in Canada has committed to double the national capacity of green power by 2010, according to a strategy tabled in Parliament.

Renewable energy: solar power for homes

More Australians than ever are deciding to power their homes using energy from the sun. Solar power is the most advanced, cleanest and most viable form of renewable energy available to consumers of energy.

ACORE Expresses Support for Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE)

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) today expressed its support for Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE), a nonpartisan not-for-profit organization committed to reducing America's dependence on oil and improving energy security.

Million Campaign Homepages for Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Million Campaign Homepage is offering one million pixels to groups and organizations involved in furthering peace, liberty, democracy, environmental prosperity, education, health, bread and water, an open and border-less society, a co-operative commonwealth and the principle of less is more.

groSolar Acquires Energy Outfitters

Venture Makes Solar Company One of Nation's Leading Solar Energy Suppliers

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Solar & Wind - Featured Product

LG Solar Unveils NeON R with Enhanced Aesthetics and Energy Savings

LG Solar Unveils NeON R with Enhanced Aesthetics and Energy Savings

The NeON R module features "Back Contact" cell technology delivering an entirely black panel that is aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. The cell's seamless, surface blends perfectly into nearly all rooftop designs while the module's electrodes are positioned on the rear of the cell. Using LG's N-type cell structure, the panels produce 365W of energy, up to 7.3kWp, compared to 5.8kWp of the p-type cell. The module's new design minimizes LID, thereby delivering a longer lifespan and increased energy output.