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Securing the EV - Charging and Grid Battery Storage Infrastructure

EV charging stations need a broad range of engineered access hardware access panels on charging dispensers and power substations to protect valuable electronics from theft, vandalism, and outdoor weather conditions

Join renowned specialists from around the world at HY-FCELL CANADA

At hy-fcell Canada, you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of thought leaders and solution providers, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

Using Solar-Powered Flood Monitoring Systems to Make New York City Safer

Through a pilot program underway in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, solar design firm Voltaic Systems is working with NYC’s FloodNet cooperative to potentially bring greater security to neighborhoods throughout the metropolitan area.

What Is Hybrid Inverter

A hybrid inverter combines a solar inverter's functions and a battery storage inverter into one. Consequently, it can manage power produced by the solar array, the solar battery storage, and power from the grid.

Embracing Change: UK Pump Systems Manufacturer Champions Energy Transition Support

Today, the pump systems we design and manufacture for energy transition applications are becoming a large part of our portfolio and we are heavily involved in the development of new technology to aid the race to net zero.

Long Duration Energy Storage

Although there are several LDES technologies, A-CAES offers distinct advantages, including the ability to flexibly locate and at a scale that will enable the large-scale displacement of fossil fuels in energy systems.

The Streamlined Solar Permitting Solution our Industry Needs

Permitting delays are one of the most problematic aspects of residential solar deployment. Solar projects are governed by a patchwork of laws, regulations, and standards created by a host of governmental entities regarding zoning, construction, and more. 

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Effective operations and monitoring of distributed energy resources

Large-scale DER installations are undoubtedly a positive addition to the energy network, but their integration and management is more complex than that of individual, smaller scale DERs.

The Role of Renewable Diesel in Decarbonizing Heavy Transport

Renewable diesel is an important aspect of heavy-transport decarbonization, but not the only option to consider. Decision-makers thinking of adopting it should consider how easily they can source the fuel and whether availability supports their typical needs.

SEIA Statement on Biden Administration's Action to Support American Clean Energy Manufacturing

Following is a statement from Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) on the administration’s announcement

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Heterojunction June: Join Huasun at SNEC PV Power Expo & Intersolar Europe 2024

As the world's largest HJT manufacturer, Huasun Energy has consistently pushed the boundaries of HJT technology, introducing groundbreaking products such as the industry's first rectangular HJT module and the zero busbar (0BB) module.

ThinkLabs AI, Inc. Launches and Secures $5M Seed Investment to Develop Technology to Transform Critical Grid Operations

- ThinkLabs AI, Inc. launches, secures $5M in seed funding co-led by Powerhouse Ventures and Active Impact Investments, with participation from Blackhorn Ventures, Amplify Capital, Mercuria Energy, and a national US energy company - New startup is developing a digital assistant that leverages a proprietary physics-informed AI digital twin and provides enhanced situational awareness capabilities so control room operators can maintain grid reliability


TÜV SÜD at Intersolar Europe 2024

QuickBOLT Solar Mounts Now Available on Sunnova Approved Vendor List

This approval allows Sunnova dealers to access QuickBOLT's innovative and easy-to-install solar mounting solutions.

U.S. DOE Selects Asimily for Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator

The program, managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), focuses on validating solutions that identify OT, IoT, and IT assets connected to a utility's infrastructure.

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SOLTEC – SFOne single axis tracker

SOLTEC - SFOne single axis tracker

SFOne is the 1P single-axis tracker by Soltec. This tracker combines the mechanical simplicity with the extraordinary expertise of Soltec for more than 18 years. Specially designed for larger 72 an 78 cell modules, this tracker is self-powered thanks to its dedicated module, which results into a lower cost-operational power supply. The SFOne has a 5% less piles than standard competitor, what reduces a 75% the labor time.

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In 1992, S-5! invented the very market space of manufactured roof attachment solutions. S-5!'s clamps and brackets are engineered for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial solar installations on exposed-fastened and standing seam metal roofing. The company has a portfolio of more than 5+ GigaWatts of rooftop solar arrays, including many Fed-Ex and Walmart buildings; 700 Costco stores in eight countries; international airports; and corporate headquarters for Google, IBM, NATO, NREL and Apple. S-5! technologies are also affordable for domestic applications with more than 15,000 such solar installations in 50 countries.