The Streamlined Solar Permitting Solution our Industry Needs

Permitting delays are one of the most problematic aspects of residential solar deployment. Solar projects are governed by a patchwork of laws, regulations, and standards created by a host of governmental entities regarding zoning, construction, and more. 

The Transformative Power of Business Intelligence for Renewable Energy

BI encompasses the strategies and technologies used by companies for data analysis and management. Specifically for renewable energy, this means sifting through gigabytes of data from diverse sources: production metrics, market trends, regulatory compliance data, and more.

Women in Engineering: Embracing Diversity & Encouraging Passion to Optimize Outcomes

The topic of women in engineering is of paramount importance today because diversifying the engineering field ensures a broader range of perspectives, fostering innovation and better solutions to complex challenges.

The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

The California SGIP is a state initiative encouraging the adoption of distributed energy resources, offering financial incentives for residential and commercial customers embracing cleaner and more resilient energy technologies.

Top Viewed Articles of 2023

AltEnergyMag readers sought out Use Cases and Expert Insights to help guide them through the rapid changes happening throughout the industry. Here are the Top 4 Viewed articles from 2023.

Homeowner Education Key to Seeing Full Inflation Reduction Act Benefits

I have a feeling that 2024 will be a year in which solar companies realize that the generational divide does exist and plays a huge part in how and why certain generations are opting for solar energy.

QuickBOLT's Newest Mount for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

If you look at standing seam mounts on the market, none of them include the L-foot as part of the mount. They require the installer to source, purchase, transport, then finally attach the L-Foot to the underlying mount.

America Has New Funding for Projects That Provide Energy Resiliency

With $10.5 billion available for public and private sector projects that strengthen America's energy supply, an announcement was made over the last several days that the first round of funding has now been allocated.

S-5! Corporate Headquarters Case Study

The south side features a 53kW solar array mounted with the company's very own PVKIT direct-attach solar mounting solution. The PV system will provide 84 MWh annually-and together with energy-saving lighting and climate controls, up to 75% of the facility's power.


The site will provide an estimated 1,000 jobs, $1.2 billion in capital investment and $3.1 billion in economic impact to Arizona while accelerating the growth of America's clean energy economy.

From Challenge to Opportunity: Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions in Time

As we reach the halfway point since the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed in 2015, CEO of AW-Energy, Christopher Ridgewell, reflects on what has been achieved and the path ahead to 2030.

Clean energy projects are abundant now but will likely double or triple in the next several years

Funding and support are abundantly available for clean energy projects in America. The federal government has allocated billions in funding to incentivize Americans to move to clean energy.

Unlocking the Value of System Stability in Great Britain

The Stability Pathfinder programme was created with the intention of securing stability services in specific locations around the GB network. The aim is to provide funding for innovative technologies that can prove additionality.

NREL Researchers Reveal How Buildings Across United States Do-and Could-Use Energy

This data set, called the End-Use Load Profiles, reveals the massive climate impacts that improvements to the U.S. building stock could have.

The Keys to Clean Energy Resilience

One specific challenge presented to engineers, developers and operators is how to balance a project's financing while prioritizing resiliency as a result of increasing extreme weather events and climate change.

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Early Fire Detection System for Battery Storage & Charging

Early Fire Detection System for Battery Storage & Charging

Revolutionizing safety in battery reliant industries, our early fire detection system uses thermal cameras to spot early signs of battery thermal runaway. It triggers alarms and notifies users via text, voice, or email, ensuring rapid response to potential hazards. Proactive and reliable, our system sets a new standard in fire prevention for enhanced peace of mind in battery storage and charging environments.